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Domestic LED the listed company patent risk swelling

Abstract: a senior zhejiang institute of advanced industry analysts ZhangHongBiao said China LED enterprise in in the short term may not face patent disputes, because most of the domestic manufacturers of the income scale LED application is not more than 500 million yuan......

Patent less efficient, low, domestic patent or invalid seventy percent

In may, the domestic LED encapsulation giant guangzhou hon optoelec (300219 SZ), the LED display manufacturers kept (002587 SZ) electronic landed successfully shenzhen gem respectively and small and medium-sized board. Next, has had success in science and technology and the state will Ming ruifeng photoelectric are coming to the IPO. This means that, in the country of the enterprise number listed LED over 10 will be.

"Domestic LED the listed company, it means that the more international LED giant can be laid hands on him or the object can be aimed at the scale of the market, because big enough. China has LED lighting patent fights in recent days." Suzhou of the Chinese academy of sciences, suzhou, nanometer crystal, the chairman of the board of the photoelectric LiangBingWen recently the first financial daily said.

International LED giant and a lot of patent fishermen have in the collection evidence, part of a domestic enterprise already received LED the lawyers letters patent infringement, but there was no public.

Giants of the layout

"Although in recent years the domestic enterprise application LED many patent, and even LED LED invention patent, but most are not original, most of it in the international LED giant on the basis of the original patent, do some repair, became the patent to sell at a discount greatly." LiangBingWen pointed out. "if true and international LED giant dozen patent case, domestic enterprises LED invention patent nearly 70% May be invalid. International LED the reason they didn't use giant patent weapons to a domestic enterprise laid a hand on him, the main reason is waiting for the business enterprise growth." China LED

In fact, nearly 15 years, global LED patent case never persist.

In 2006, the day the chemical white LED to patent infringement Sue British retailers Argos company; That same year, day and chemical and Seoul semiconductor Sue each other each other patent infringement. Last year, the chemical and to Taiwan,, Japanese companies, the United States tsann kuen Wilmar patent litigation initiated. Philips has recently to Sue the Seoul semiconductor patent infringement, secco sharp prosecution xu Ming patent infringement. LED electronics

Industry data show that from 1996 to 2010 in 15 years, what has happened to the global LED patent case as high as 168 up. Among them, the days and 62 up, philips and up, families, Seoul semiconductor sharp 20 on 18 up, Toyota synthesis 15 up, osram 14, the crystal electricity group since 18 up, a patent license company 10 up.

However, the LED giant patent war between general to reconciliation, sign a patent cross licensing to an end. Since this year, osram, families, and chemical, sharp, Toyota synthesis and philips are LED a patent license agreement. Cross So far, five LED giant global has basically formed the new new patent cross nets.

"International LED giant build new patent cross nets, means that the formation of the alliance LED patent. Is the most terrible of the patent, LED the league has LED to the domestic enterprise out." LiangBingWen pointed out that at present domestic many patent is also LED the international application in China LED giant, "therefore, the domestic enterprise, it is a full of 'LED mines" industry ".

Perhaps more to show the digital crisis. At present the patent application for global LED up to 124000 pieces, including the United States accounts for 20000 pieces, 25000 pieces of China, Japan accounted for 49000.

"The more remarkable is 25000 pieces, China LED patent, how many is belong to China enterprise, how many patent is original currently still LED a question mark." Beam grasp said. Many road capitals

Our reporter, according to domestic LED enterprise annual report or data from the prospectus, Switzerland abundant photoelectric, hon optoelec, lehman photoelectric (300162 SZ), dried as photoelectric (300102 SZ), three Ann photoelectric (600703. SH) and Howard embellish of DE (002005 SZ) 6 enterprises LED in 707, and total number of patent invention patent just 77. And have 44 invention patent's house, the invention patent of embellish is the acquisition of the main sources EPIVALLEY South Korea.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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