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Net friend hot argument Gao Kao's question in composition test"trustworthiness" this year most"impromptu exertion"
The language composition title has been being the focus of all social concern, is also many topics that the website net friends take delight in talking about.Yugoslavia early reports a net(the brief name"early report a net") and at that time after announcing this year Gao Kao question in composition test in Guangxi clicked to once measure ten thousand in 5 childhoods.National book II(concerning the trustworthiness) question in composition test that tests to examinee in Guangxi, more than half of new wave net friends think "not difficult"s, that question in composition test is most reviewed by the new wave net friend for 2011 "impromptu exertion" question in composition test.Blue synthesis

Question in composition test"once acquainted with" in Guangxi

"This isn't the spring the essay late?"Gao Kao's question in composition test is one announcement and early report a net net friend"ant Liu dog" send out question.Early report a net, net friend"Li Wei4 Tian" says, once see the spring of 2011 the person late, see this year's Gao Kao's question in composition testses all will be knowing on smiling, because the spring late has already taken this as an essay of already.

This question in composition test makes the net friends feel once acquainted with, can not only only because of the spring of 2011 night.Not a few net friends reflect, "trustworthiness" question in composition test, in the years gone by Gao Kao composition in many emergence.There is even net friend keeping speech:This was 1 to learn to write composition title for senior high school since the childhood."The national book II is to become a way at speak a trustworthiness?How old write these?"Net friend"person if didn't wait for" means to don't understand to the topic that Gao Kao's composition repeats.

However, such a topic for acquainting with, the net friend feels "have much of a necessity"."Should promote trustworthiness more, now society too the benefits turn, poisonous milk powder, dyeing plain wheat roll and ractopamine, all worth think deeply."A net friend thinks that although the trustworthiness is a topic of platitude,should promotes in the whichever ages.

"BE a person to take trustworthiness as origin, will as well give to bring infinite business opportunities in the future."Early report a net net friend"smile sunflower" , then from the aggressive angle, sawed the business valued that the trustworthiness brings.

The topic not difficult but difficult is colourful

For such a question in composition test for acquainting with, 18787 people suggest in the ballot outcome of the new wave net top participation and allow up to the afternoon of June 76 points, 55.6% net friends think "not difficult"s, 44.4% net friends think it's"difficult", and this question in composition test is most reviewed by the new wave net friend for 2011 "impromptu exertion" question in composition test in the meantime.

Although the net friends think not difficult with"trustworthiness" composition, have a net friend to put forward, is a more familiar composition title, get the difficulty of high mark more big.Net friend's the scope " the smoke Cang& rain Qiong"think, " trustworthiness" is too heavy, although easily start, get the high mark isn't easy.

"The composition title like this combines current news, then can more is colourful."Net friend"still didn't be able to know"s think that trustworthiness question in composition test, can guide a student to much pay attention to with thinking living medium of realistic problem, scoop out society antinomy, from cure knowledge to cure world.

Although the education meaning of question in composition test is deeper,minority of net friends think, the direction of this question in composition test is too strong.Net friend"LIYULAN" thinks that seeing to could choose 5,000,000 all to the other party and how to call a trustworthiness otherwise!This is call does the person tell the truth, SOIL WATERor call the person to say false words?The topic selectivity like this, allusion is getting stronger too much, how can call the person to speak without any inhibition?

Question in composition test the most stirring concern in Hunan

In the question in composition test of the whole whole country, this year Gao Kao's question in composition test in Hunan, it may be said the most stirring concern.This is a material that material question in composition test give is:Some singer the first words changes in to°from"everyone good, I came" "thank everyone, you came", let the examinee take this as an idea from draw up a topic to write a composition.Up to about 6:00 p.m. on June 7, new wave net friend's survey suggests, 71.8% net friends think that this Gao tests composition title it's"difficult", therefore is reviewed by the net friends for 2011 most"pit dad", most"to the dint", "expect" most of question in composition test.Although these evaluations have been already praised to devaluate,that question in composition test is paid attention to of Gao of degree need not to doubt.

For the composition title like this, not a few net friends keep shouting"difficult", the hair calls "kneaded for the examinee of Hunan the sweat".Net friend"I-zw" thinks that the composition of Hunan really the meaning is leisurely long, it makes the person cut and polish not and deeply, for test a composition come serious not write.

Next year will soon take part in net friend"the medicine becomes blue sea difficult rush" hair that Gao tests to say, test a top thus nervous mindset and see thus question in composition test of having the depth, there is difficulty.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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