Chinese heat

The Xi is near even visit Italy second even rather the peninsula"Chinese heat" heat again
Should Italian president Na wave benefit tower promise invites, the nation vice- chairman Xi of China is near even carried on a formal amity interview to Italy on June 1, and attend "Italy unifies 150 anniversaries" celebration ceremony activity.This is after October, 2010 interview Rome of Chinese premier, Wen Jia Bao, and shell Lu Si Ke Ni manage to like to have diplomatic relation together 40 anniversary celebration activity and"Chinese cultural year" opening ceremony in Italy after, the Chinese Beijing leadership holds "Chinese cultural year" in Italy the period again visit start

Every a few months, the nation vice- chairman Xi of China is near even visit an idea, not only show people China is a country with big responsibility, but also is 1 to brave to undertake an international obligation, the dint main harmony development in the world and peaceable race.In the meantime, can also in order to like an overall strategic colleague to relate to infuse into new motive, the push likes two each realm of countries cooperations to turn into a new development stage.But have to feel nothing is better than at overseas Chinese's Chinese people of the region most profoundly most directly to the all these.Gao Liang Du LED

Currently like a relation to be placed in continuously development of key period, the Xi is near even visit Italy for the push and deepen bilateral relate to to a pass importance.He says that China is the permanent membership of UN Security Council, Italy is eight country group important member's countries, both parties all exertion emphasize to want a function and trust each other in politics and the diplomacy on the international satge, mutual respect, mutual moderate.In recent years, both parties' key figures visit with all levels with each other don't the contacts is close, politics, economy, the cultural interaction cooperation make substantial progress.Both parties keep a good communication to harmoniously adjust on the international business.Two national affairses actually cooperate a development quickly, with each other for the important economic trade, invest, science and technology cooperate colleague.Both parties are plenteous in the realm cooperation results, such as science and technology and environmental protection...etc. and promoted two country economy development.

2010 likes to have diplomatic relation 40 anniversaries, both parties' trade volume amounts to USD 45,100,000,000 and carried out two countries leader the USD 40,000,000,000 target that puts forward in 2004.Last year, liked two country governments to put forward, till 2015 the bilateral trade volume attained the target of USD 80,000,000,000.From currently two international trades easily development power the head see and expect a target to can carry out.In the meantime, like both parties to also all have a close cooperation in the humanities, science and technology, and education...etc., each realm cooperation goes with a swing at present, the Mainland's foreground to the bilateral relation is full of confidence.

Should see, the integral whole turns day by day in global economy, China is subjected to today that the international society focuses attention day by day, the overseas Chinese Chinese people of overseas are living in the country to play an unprecedented important role and also does effort for the economic development of the region while they are carrying out personal value, become promote China rising, race renew of important strength.But multifarious interview Italy of Chinese Beijing leadership, in local Chinese people's overseas Chinese but speech is that one is proud of with expectation naturally.Request LED

Accompany with Xi near even vice- chairman's success to Italy interview, "Chinese cultural year" activity in Italy is holding, will welcome lately a high tide, second even rather the peninsula"Chinese hot" will heat once again, liking a relation future development the foreground is bright, while the all these necessarily will bring local Chinese people's overseas Chinese to lately imagine with expectation
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All time is no time when it is past.

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