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Covering Ci to declare the United States can't suppress China to develop "do not learn a Soviets"s in warning ChinaPearl luster

Hong Kong text remits a net report way, according to June 3 sunrise versions of 《round-the-world Times 》report way, the fragrant space lira dialogue opens in Singapore today.On June 2, go to attend meeting of the American defense secretary cover Ci is on the special airplane to with go the reporters to greatly talk a China-U.S. relations, soft in take hard, on the other hand call "the United States doesn't want to suppress China to develop" and"Chinese now is also global strength in the future";On the other hand, he also reservedly warn "don't study a Soviets" in China to launch arms race with the United States, laying equal stress on the military expenses of stating the United States to cut can't cause in weakening of military force in the Pacific Asia region.Covering the Ci will at the end of this month from defend long position retirement, he summary says and works the development"feel satisfied" of the China-U.S. relations in period at Bush and the Ao Ba Ma's government to oneself on the 2nd, but Central America the military relation still has "development space".

"Cover Ci:The United States has never wanted to suppress China to develop", become on the 2nd the headline of associated press, the method major medias, such as new agency and British broadcasting company(BBC)...etc., cover Ci be extensively read to the this time"good intentions" that China releases is on the 3rd and Chinese defense secretary beam light the strong meeting manufacturing friendly atmosphere.According to the report way, in flying to the special airplane of Singapore, cover Ci to with went a reporter to say, his noticing China is looking for the scale and war capability of extending the troops, including development, deployment"long range, precision of cruise with ballistic anti- warship guided missile", anti- satellite weapon and stealth fighter-bomber and network war ability."The Chinese troops' modernization is soon flying a development", "China tries to acquire of the weapon make us closely pay attention to".Cheap price

Speak of Chinese national defense strength continuously strengthen after, cover once the Ci topic turn and call "do not believe the real strenght that China has in each aspect to challenge an American solider", "I think that China has already gone to school to°from Soviets body a very big precept, they can't try in all respect compete with us, but want to develop equal degree up ability at Asian freedom act of ability, and acquire the opportunity of expanding their influence."The BBC analysis said that the this time words obviously mean that the former Soviet Union and the United States launch arms race but pull down economy and send out the warning to China.

Cover Ci of this"warning" and Chinese military authority total chief of staff Chen Bing De early in this month ex- visit the United States declaring of"Chinese at enmity with, the United States competition" is unanimously.The report way of BBC the 2nd attached "Central America military force" contrast diagram and displayed two hanging of army dint extremely.The chart shows:Central America in 2010 military expenses expenditure respectively are 78,000,000,000 with USD 729,000,000,000, the military expenses expenditure has 2008 GDP the specific weight distinguish for 2.0% and 4.3%;Military equipment, Central America the fighter jet amount distinguish to 1320 and 2379, the invisible battleplane amount contrasts to 0-139, the sail female amount 0-11, submarine amount is 65-71, destroyer amount 27-57, nuclear warhead amount 240 compare 9400.In all datas, China is unique to is a military personnel in active service amount than many the United States:2,260,000-1,580,000.

《New York Times 》then put report way particularly on the conversation of covering the Ci"military expenses reduction after still need to strengthen a Pacific Asia safety".Cover Ci to say, the American solider is "worthwhile of" in the military activity of Pacific Asia's influence in this region to maintenance the United States, still will keep after military expenses reduction."Voice of America" said on the 2nd that the Pacific Asia peripheral nation will be an important subject of fragrant space lira dialogue to the misgiving that the Chinese military force increases.The Reuter's commentary says that cover Ci to hope to express to the allies of the United States on this meeting, though the military expenses of the United States will cut down, his tenure also wants be over, the United States will carefully obey it is to the safe commitment in Asia.

After finishing clapping "plank son", cover Ci to put soft euphonic, call:"We don't want to inhibit China, all of several thousand in the last yearses in China are a strong nation, it now and is all nation that has global influence from now on.Therefore, the problem lies in how we pass their their own effort, promise that we have an aggressive relation."While being started to ask by the reporter and requesting to sell the viewpoint of the weapon toward Taiwan recently to parts of councilmans in the United States, the cover Ci answered"have no his/her own standpoint in this question top", he also calls, " regardless during the ruling period of Bush is still an Ao Ba Ma, we are all very careful to this problems, since make Taiwan acquired the ability of defending, and then notice sensitive for China, all express very carefully."The Reuter's commentary says that sell armament a problem to the pedestal at the United States up, Central America the relation of two soldiers is still weak.Chinese military authority total chief of staff Chen Bing De is early ex- to visit in this month beautiful keep speech, if the United States insists selling armament to the pedestal, two soldiers relate to "still be subjected to influence".Clean water

In the interview dated the 2nd, cover Ci to also tally up his/her own work to speak "feel satisfied", "at me when the first time visits China in 2007 I then for Central America two soldiers relate to of the development drew up an ambitious agenda, although the relation of two soldiers afterwards once met the obstacle and the difficulty,was placed in quite good appearance now", and"still have development space".Covering the Ci will quit office at the end of this month, one daily publication in"politics" website in the United States ascended to his "farewell interview", this participation launched two wars, at 8 president's ruling period works of 67 years old defend long say, "one of the reason that I have to leave is, too many experience make me too careful".
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All time is no time when it is past.

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