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Hui in the Luo house appoints a hearing Senate to easily pass asseveration representative the United States be worth of
On May 26, American Upper House serves as the United States' ambassador to China to hold a hearing for Hui in the Luo house.This front, Hui in the Luo house of incumbent American commerce department minister meets with Ao Ba Ma's nomination to serve as a new term on March 9 the United States' ambassador to China.Wu Qing just shootsOn the life road

Medium the new net give or get an electric shock according to the United States on May 28 《Qiao report 》the report way is expected Hui in Luo house in Chinese descent, commerce secretary, that President horse nominates for the United States' ambassador to China 26 ordination hearings that Upper House diplomacy relates to committee by the Ao and have never suffered to"make difficulties for" and easily pass.He said that if can get a Senate approval, he will represent with family American Be freedom, equal, the commitment of the ground of opportunity, exert it can halt China with the United States to make the regiment pursued and push American benefits and target and concentrate on construction actively, cooperate, overall US-China Relations.

Hui in the Luo house receives with wife Lee on that day and 3 statures the female attend a hearing together, the facial expression is easy.Hui in the Luo house says the importance that Ao Ba Ma nominates an incumbent Ge member and serves as and halts China ambassador, shows an US-China Relations and also appreciates the Hillary Secretary of State's support and trust.If father still just a life time, will definitely son's becoming first U.S. citizen Chinese people is nominated for to halt China ambassador but feel proud of.

Hui in the Luo house means that support two countries the extension cooperation is on the key problem and strengthen people's association, but also reality but truly know to two many stateowned challenges and rift.While handling these rifts, keep the value of the United States.That time of you

Hui in the Luo house says that help American companies to do business in R.O.C, will be halt China ambassador's daily pursuit of important part, he compromises challenge and China that both parties face to leader the contact of carrying on the plain dealing but honesty, will carry out existing and the future commitment is a policy to have the initiative.Hui in the Luo house emphasizes that carry on all-directions contact in region and global business top and China, develop two soldier relations, push forward a mutual trust.

Hui in the Luo house means that the United States halts the facilities in Shanghai consular post and renews, then can adapt to a visa application augmentative need;Will continue to concentrate on cooperating with State Department, shorten a Chinese visa to wait for time.In addition want to strengthen in public diplomacy in R.O.C.On the hearing, the senator has no such as anticipant of ask a tough question, majority of problems are platitudes, Hui in the Luo house also gives the officer the type answer.

The Senate diplomacy relates to committee chairman say in gram, the US-China Relations makes a key very very, beautiful medium can not sink into zero with the orbit of game, the United States wants to be a colleague with China.Go to youth

Hearing carrieds on more than 1 hour and then ends.After the hearing easily passes, Upper House still needs the nomination to Hui in the Luo house to carry on a vote.Analyst in Washington widespreadly expects that the ordination of Hui in the Luo house's passing in the Senate should have no problem.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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