be subjected to

The love that can not sink to be subjected to
A few days ago receive a friend's telephone, very Qi coldly say, one of her friend's traffic accident, I ask her is how one return to matter.She says his friend sees his ex- girl friend, ex- girl friend because brokenhearted, but oneself but have been loving deeply an ex- girl friend.So for the sake of 1 I see already very cheap love, for comforting her, but dying in the traffic accident of road, I introspect this to love, this love compares with life which lightly which heavy.Women wear suits

This is the love in the university and love to also love not pure.Don't know loving is who, university in say at most is also:"I love you", this is getting more blurred, the love also loves not over, because you of the choice is so many, if you keep secret a work well done, you can also step two ships by feet.Cent also the cent isn't over and match long necessarily divide, divide long the regulation necessarily matching also present to public between the lover.But why her friend the bigotry is at one person, why exactly?Although have been already broken up, because love, don't give up.This is the loving shadow and arrived to break up hereafter or die to tie up a lousy dozen, is still that the dying of love live, we should admire the courage that he loves to still say him too opinionated?You say the somebody else breaks up and close you what affair, also run so far, for the sake of how many comfort?On dead hour in, own probably of the close relatives take place sader urge of affair, I doubt greatly and early, the 1 that you are to rise's swagger ground goes toward back to rush through and compares them, more unworthy.Our lifes are more unworthy, for the sake of a very misty love?Or a dated love, but my friend praises the greatness that he loves and disregards for the sake of her, really hope own boyfriend thus to oneself.You say that you are much brokenhearted how many, hide on dead hour and cry so how many, our man still has fun rise?Your letting what us play is a life, this is what we can not bear.The love in the university overflows very much, can appear in public and then love, the loving point of departure is very low and like this and easily arrive a high tide.Consequently break up very easily, break up is also an university student to often have of matter, simple meal, Be different from a high school so gossip the other people were so-and-so to break up.So-and-so be in love, the root was impossible and usually grow 1:00 be at a graduation, the last embrace of of lover, the last kisses, the last meal.From a life essential to have get person, arrive the person of not essential, now a walk is simply have no, a walk it, each rush prospect, you walk you, I walk mine.How to don't make us sad sad, but afterwards but more and more.Darker skin

The body nearby keeps company with in the university together of person less and less, Be different from the companion of childhood years.A group of friendses, in addition to fear teacher and parent what also wasn't afraid of, treated together dare dare be.Don't seem to be like this to have too many fears, before looking forward after attending to, now, nearby of the person reduced really slowly and started meeting is have rice together.Play a basketball together, also can't tired, the day like this is also a past matter and become 1 kind to entertain wild hope.But time a long, the persons, who discover nearby,s all started falling in love, the person, who was in love, was more many.Nearby of the person is more little, so slowly also seeming to be the person in the university is very"solitary", in fact is a loneliness is choosing you, not our choice solitary, so don't an and again and again and three emphasize oneself loneliness, in fact solitary is also a scenery and also want to thoroughly enjoy the loneliness of such a person.Not the loneliness is just regarded as strange affair, university in the affair wanting to do is too many.The person fallen in love, the morning of male attends early your dormitory down stairs to wait you very much since.Be greedy for in the evening black send you to return to, be really rise to early be greedy for black, fear all not enough for a day and 24 hours, so stay to our time seldom.If a persons of dormitory are all falling in love and feel that they are really tidy uniform living work and rest, permitting can not do some other affairs, time a long.Thus a favour lives, really substantial, however, we also praise the variety of their the other party, the man starts in some needlework.Rush through before festival, or her birthday of time send to her, she smiles a to smile, you feel very a value, and woman and slowly make it a rule to a man.Learn the man does some affairs, so some people in the university are already that the male isn't male now.The female isn't female, such a person, this whether reaches the affair that the Er text didn't anticipate, 10,0<0,00= don't thought of.

The university inside is really a place of very suitable in love, don't need to spend money degree a honeymoon.The school also really didn't thought of to do cushion like this and achieved so many lovers, only the person of library is some faces that original persons acquaint with very much and Be different from at school, some balcony station Xie, water side, on the bridge, in the flower bush, path side, have a new comer every day.Let we these loneliness of the person still want the check and also need to spend money and run an outside and swim and turn for a week and deeply fear us thus on making, walk to here, pushed many peoples to all open, they should appreciate us, they more add and appreciate our person of these lonelinesses and make us steep in the classroom, library every day, and both parties win with each other.We will also while having no person, choose that the place of scenery the United States in the school halts enough once and sees lover.We still go forward and pour 1 you make track for the time that I rush through?Seem a place like this can not endure us and only because are singles for us.The right that connects to appreciate all give deprive, a silk doesn't remain.In fact I pour is don't harm rashness, just I treat in all aspects here, their very much in love, some can on TV the screen sees get or is stolen by the other people to clap of appearance.A single glance takes in allly and nakedly in front of me, what they loved deeply sinks, completely can't care us.So I still keep going away and wait male leading role on turning head to take aim me and perhaps also want to greatly open rule against killing, I beat not to rise, or can hide rise.Wear silver

Because the love in the university overflows very much, isn't that we put on wing, is an angel.We can be in love, that what I fall in love with you is what, is your beautiful facial appearance, aureole is still you, if is you of the words of facial appearance.You may be also restless and also have than you of more beautiful of, you will also slowly become old of, so you have been worrying my to leave.If is I fell in love with you of wing, you of have an unique style, the light being you is bad, so we can during a lifetime together, so of love we then can last long.Our loves grow green.Also remember, small of time, love the time of a person very much, really want to take she goes far away.While being also unreasonable in childhood, that in fact loved and urged what person go forward.If you just enjoy two people's life, that bitterness tired own parents.Is also spending money to fall in love, a lot of women like the action that the male friend takes out money to help her the check most , to the our university student ability Tao several times, meeting Tao get completely.A text doesn't remain and turns head you to see parents again, many several silk grey hair.You say to spend, every time is be not want the time of money to the parents will have too many fears, but take out money?

The love of university, self-respect, otherwise we will accept to can not stand.Such a love, if you love a person, hope you are to fall in love with his body up of aureole, this kind of aureole urges a person to go forward.Only just go together with like this rise to love a person, no wonder that poet seat Mu's permitting will choose to become an evergreen tree.At you necessarily through of street corner, you once walked of time, float zero of the defoliation is my love to you.But don't become a person, at you necessarily through of street corner, just fear oneself not enough excellent, enough not up, that dazzling aureole.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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