starts recovering

The pearl profession starts recovering
Non- daily life(-0.58%)
Manufacturing industry(-0.44%)
The agriculture and forestry herds fishing(1.19%)

New five plentiful(11.210.02%s)
Medium Chang sea transportation(9.589.99%s)
The big Kang herds an industry(15.198.5%s)
China English agriculture(22.13.95%s)
Western herding industry(15.483.89%s)Molecular activity

Wang Ya3 Wei gets the China of title to fasten a fund of so heavy Cang below the hills the lake(002173) is mainly a pearl profession after global financial crisis and have already followed recovery orbit currently.

2010 every year reports suggest that below the hills the main business duty pearl product of lake mainly depend on exit, last year the pearl product export comparison had the comparison of main business duty near 70%, but solded inside the country to have ratio not arrive 30%.2009, 2008, export of have compare higher, attain 73.11% and 76.17% respectively.Natural pearl

The quarterly report suggests that below the hills the quarterly degree main revenue in lake go into to continue significant increase, together compare increase to reach to 26.21%.However affirm because of the company high new technique business enterprise for full three years, in 2011 business enterprise income tax the tax rate is adjusted to 25% by 15%;In the meantime, the bank lending rate raises and makes the company finance expenses increased, the quarterly degree net profit increases to descend and increases as 7.27%.Great Depression

However, at pearl profession recovery and Wang Ya3 Wei's dint stand of in the meantime, below the hills lake of high tube nasty the set is now.Last year, president Chen Xia Men Ying of the company, general manager and director general's navy Chen of the finances and vice president Ruan light the Yin and the building of vice president come to Feng, board director, Sun Bo2 Ren, then and repeatedly pass big religion trade and second class market Jing price bargain the set is now.On May 11, it is 351,600 to control a shareholder, president Chen Xia Men Ying to trade to dump a company once again share through a Jing price and clinch a deal all the price is 16.32 dollars.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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