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The international jewelry designs a master
His occupation career and top-class luxurious jewelry brand in the world are closely related.He successively once served as several design director generals of luxurious jewelry brands and chief designer, serve as a famous jewelry brand ENZO chief creativity of the United States currently director general.He is the famous design for integrating the building art into the jewelry design master OMAR Mr. TORRES.

He costs few decades and creates the sign of a numerous golds and precious stone work, while his another importance for working is part of, is development and top-class jewelry designer in the instruction world.MARIA SHRIVER

Reporter:It is a jewelry to design a master, please talk the Chinese jewelry market in the your eyes.

OMAR:The Chinese jewelry market still just started its had better ages, a lot of consumers start to be interested in colorful jewelry, probably and soon after, they will be like Europe and America, the consumer of Australia is similar, to the colorful jewelry make use of from such as.The consumer's understanding toward jewelry of the Europe and America time is longer, so they will have more own choices.But the Chinese jewelry market just was developed, the consumer still needed time cultivated and guided.I hope that the consumer of China can understand, the jewelry is the thing that expresses personal emotion, different emotion, can express with the different jewelry.Therefore, choose that the jewelry that you think to match a yourself expression method most is very important.The Chinese market is very big, the opportunity is also a lot of.

Reporter:How are you to treat jewelry current?How to carry on jewelry and vogue clothes to match?

OMAR:The current is an affair that personalizes very much, the jewelry current is also such.If jewelry not ability and wear the words that the personality emotion of wearing combines together, however is some beautiful rocks.Therefore, jewelry suit you, be match you of current of.In fact the vogue personage is divided into two kinds of, 1 kind is the person who creates current, 1 kind is the person who follows close behind current, we all hope wes are a members that creates current.How does the jewelry carry on with vogue clothes to match?1:00 of key BE, wear the jewelry wearing and make personal personal status embodied more classic.

Reporter:Abroad of design principle and local design principle have what dissimilarity?Does getting into the Chinese market need to have some special designs?Artist enters

OMAR:In fact design is have no national boundary.The good design is all perfect expression to the living manner.The jewelry designs, besides which, , all of building, art and household products are such.China is 1 to have the long history cultural nation, I appreciate Chinese culture very much.I also see a Chinese female like these cities in Peking and Shanghai and more and more think greatly of characteristic thing now, therefore, we will also design a lot of characteristic jewelries to provide Chinese consumer's choice.But, I can't in brief put into the thing of some elephants directly my design is in the middle, but meeting match an emotion expression in Chinese culture of part of organically integrate into my design, become a Chinese consumer, even are all the design that the global consumers like.

Reporter:BE what chance and opportunity and the chance urge you with the cooperation of international well-known jewelry brand, what representative works are there?

OMAR:I am to like to be a jewelry designer in the beginning, so I studied during the days in the university of is a building design.Probably at I at the age of 20 , a friend of jewelry field asked me to have interest to do some jewelry designs for him, I thought this to have no what too great difficulty, hence promised him.I think for the study of constructing the art and make my comprehension to the lines and usage had more thorough research, these help me to complete a jewelry design.I hard to say which design is my representative work, all a little bit different because of concept and directions of each brand.Precious gemstones

Reporter:Where does the design inspiration of this quarterly mainly come from?

OMAR:My design inspiration comes from the female's appearance and to the concern of the emotion;Come from the female's daily life, and they are each each time engrave the demand to the expression emotion.Design the process of jewelry at me in, mainly is integrate the nature natural color to my design in.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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