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The true or false pearl becomes popular a vogue show field
"Jewelry (costume jewelry)of Costume", elfevident, its material all is a not- valuable resin, plastics, enamel, shell, porcelain and ceramics, crystal, and stainless steel...etc. material, they have great difference in quality, and value...etc. and usage platinum gold, the diamond"Fine Jewelry"(deluxe jewelry) of etc. processes but becomes and weigh style but light quality, aim at with lend jewelry to show personal magic power, or form harmony or opposition with clothing to unify of whole.The costume jewelry has abundant but loud and clear history, as early as Victoria period already in the middle of reaching an officer and showing Huan widely in order to spread, the Victoria queen is the extreme achievement advocator of costume jewelry, its husband is clay-cold, her be in mourning the jewelry is a Ma Lai's resin, hard rubber, black rubber and black glass necklace of string connect but become.The rise that exercises along with the craft art, the costume jewelry universal"increase heavy", the brass material becomes haughtiness of the very influential and;Get into Edward's period, the embellishing of costume jewelry work preface can be perfect, can the initial realization "pass imitation for genuine article".Diamond production

In 1924, a rightness of black and whites double color imitated a pearl earring to establish COCO CHANEL concerning bequeathing to posterity of costume jewelry influence.When she in consideration of the customer probably needs the jewelry match clothing, she then begins a design and includes costume jewelry among them.The selling price of these jewelries jewelry is much lower than the real jewelry, this makes female can 1 time purchase many pieces, and exert a homology none of each shape.Extremely interesting BE, CHANEL always Gao Diao4 enounces imitating of jewelry true, nowise Hui speech by himself/herself for deluxe jewelry of intentionally mimicry, this kind of way of doing the ages in jewelry symbol identity position a such as potent medicine, will at that moment of the woman thoroughly brainwash, they start imitating a CHANEL dress method and pile up bunchy pearl necklace(certainly false pearl) before chest, and lead the Hao of thinking."Don't quality goods at reasonable prices, as long as shocking is astonishing", the CHANEL bold declaration has epoch-making innovation meaning, this not only the embodiment mixs the shape method for taking in the true or false jewelry up, CHANEL is similarly first Lai bacterium the stone(a kind of false diamond) insets in full dress high class of the skirt and makes to order a designer, this kind of nails a bead type and late packs in now and looks sparse usually, at that time but is a kind of hard hope it item the fashion for carrying on the back.

In recent years, the costume jewelry stimulates once again, the fashionable dresses elites bring about the unrest of wearing"counterfeit article" in succession.The Lanvin jewelry jewelry has already become the importance of its fashionable dresses series to constitute part, quarterly Alber Elbazs will match the chicken tail wine skirt with every kind of necklace each time, and their none exception owns astonishing size:The piece-like in shape organic glass hangs to hang to before the chest, pearl even big like lamp bulb, metal turn then imitates a Buddha to come from industrial lather.

Mold giant jewelry, the costume jewelry undoubtedly has the advantage of with abundant resources, their material opposite lightness, be easy to put together to answer, the designer can get away from the conservative burden of traditional expensive material, thus more Ma Xing's vacant land in the sky is free to develop, it become a kind of fashionable dresses derivatives the costume jewelry.Oscar de la Renta gripped the get type full dress skirt to overaly amethyst and numerous metal steel slice of each difference of size before getting department and chest;Christian Dior becomes in the shoulder department two sides feather-like in shape inset a pigeon of gray crystal, the plait Jian of the ducal satin edge as well sees a mulberry color crystal, or crushes crystal, paillette and overalies and puts on the surface of chest full dress skirt in the pink, luxurious arrive extremely.Polished glass

The spring of 2009 summer, the fever of costume jewelry plays more strong more, the fashionable dresses house collectively moves forward toward the adornment jewelry realm.Givenchy doesn't wear the silvery brooch of five Cape stars and"a arrows wears heart" shapes on the white full dress shirt, this kind of wears a method later on drive Japan 《vogue 》fashionable dresses director general Anna Dello Russo draw lessons from, the latter matches its hussar jacket of Balmain of inseting the jewelry, certanly will carry on existence throughout.The costume jewelry of this quarterly widespreadly emphasizes to pile up of adornment function, Louis Vuitton the wood quality eardrop of the African style is like an eight claw fishes to occupy at the eardrop bottom carries and run about keep on "tread to shake";CHANEL connects the mountain camellia, and sunflower...etc. various flower type jewelry string into a necklace, color full of angry, the black tends in pole Chien;Alexander McQueen in great quantities insets the small crystal of sewing the anomaly in anticipating the elasticity mesh of net noodles and connect the dress trousers transmute into "precious stone dress" that tosses ground to have a voice, it make the person can not help associating jacket of gold threads for ancient emperor king to bury along with.Polymer clay
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All time is no time when it is past.

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