docile been refused

The docile been refused
I think that I was an over sensitive.I am a seedling clansmen, have never seen a big world, also be not good at calculations, rare guard against of heart.I always have some to keep around, other people to I good I always want the impassioned, which afraid is a stranger.Say with our seedling clan words to is a friend.All seedling clansmens are friends, is all mutual help.No matter arrive where, I have been using the philosophy of life like this treats circumferential person and matter, I think, and the good man always has.Earth canals

Descend class, the new country in June is really hot at noon, I ride bicycle to go toward back to rush through.Before there is a girl of our company, we all have no factory to take, she and I are newly arrived.See the chest card of her hand, I stopped down, I thought that I can carry her a road.

"Go where, can I carry your[one] road?"I just think while on the way Shao she is a distance, the sky is too hot, and her walking like this isn't way.

The other party watches out for sex very high, this year can not say."I again incognizant you."The girl's voice is also full of hostility and is full of awe dint.

I am from the underclothing pocket in take out chest card, say:"We are a company of and carry you 1."Characteristics

The girl didn't hesitate, but firmness' saying:"I am still incognizant you."Her tone had no hostility, but was full of obstinate, voice even than just still had to be emollient.

The weather is hot can not say, I hope road ascend hurried rush through a homing colleague, I think that they are definitely hungry to be getting worse, also the heat Be getting worse, earlier return to a house still okay.Hoped girl's one eye, she that vision that firmness but doubt make me don't know that social toward this expression what kind of feelings.

I was to take superfluous action."I am leaving."I make an effort the pedal of Deng bicycle, the in the mind is a kind of difficult to express sorrow, are in this social people's sorrow to this society and life.

What girl didn't hestitate says:"Good!"Her tone completely had no any malice and still kept saying very simply and was like an answer problem of that kind of is in brief concise, the but again is so good enough and similar.

Don't turn head, I rode quickly and jilt her mercilessly at back.The good intentions originally can be also refused, and refuse make you have no of reason.The girl has no wrong, I think that she just learned to protect I.I should congratulate her and substitute her happy.My sorrow of should be the society of this thing desire crosscurrent, is that it forces a young girl thus of treat itself, treat an activity at social in of people.Aspect situation
by fashiongirl | 2011-05-23 16:57

All time is no time when it is past.

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