Improve and guarantee

Improve and guarantee people's livelihood always is Tibet to develop an initial task
News in State Department does the achievement that peaceably relieves to develop a circumstance and obtain for 60 years for Tibet today to hold a news conference.The interborough people's the chairman of the government white Ma in Tibet red wood emphasizes while answering that the reporter lifts to ask that improvement and guarantee people's livelihood especially increase the agriculture herding people's income, always is the initial task of economic Tibet social development.Thin smile

The white Ma red wood points out that"15" periods, autonomous region in Tibet mainly carried on to take housing project as the socialism new village of group leader to constuct and threw in more than 100000000 dollarses 170 this period, more than 270,000 doors, 140 many ten thousand farmers already live last the safety apply of house, the people's livelihood gets the improvement of very great degree.

Aim at "25" periods how to improve people's livelihood, white Ma red Lin Cheng , "we still need to guarantee and improve people's livelihood and increase the agriculture herding people's income, this is the initial task of economic Tibet social development."

White Ma red wood points out that the ground wide person of Tibet is sparse, the radius of public service is big, cost Gao, so improvement people's livelihood of the difficulty is very big."We put forward now'25'period the concentrated energy carry on'eight arrive farmer'engineering.Is a road, electricity, communication and broadcast television and Zhao spirit and beautiful environment, and postal service...etc., these 8 have to arrive farmer.This construction gets up possible devotion also and wants to promise to chased a road for common people first very much greatly and gives or gets an electric shock on."makes me mature

"Raise the agriculture herding people's income, say being a first-class important event for the government.If the common people can not increase income and improve not production life condition, the common people wants to thoroughly get away from beggarliness, or heads for more wealthy road, difficulty very big."The white Ma red wood puts forward, the second improve people's livelihood of raise Cuo be open widely an increasing of agriculture herding people to accept an outlet, the income of practical increment agriculture herding people.

The white Ma red wood also points out that enlarge the devotion to the education, hygiene and social guarantee further, real attain kid's top of letting the common people must rise to learn, best learn.

In the aspects of educating, hygiene and society guaranteeing, the white Ma red wood said and had already adopted some improvement measure "15" periods.Educate aspect, learn ex- three young son education and agriculture to herd from the town two young sons educate a beginning and arrive stage in the senior high school and all bring into the policy scope of"three packs of" ex- the learning of area."Be wrap to eat, wrap up, wrap study expenses.This expenses is 1800 dollars and have already raised to 2000 dollars now."The white Ma red wood emphasizes that"25" ends, Tibet works hard for to raise this expenses to 3000 dollars and make the owner able to ascend rise to learn.already grown wound

The white Ma red wood emphasizes the target that Tibet will work hard for to carry out an administration village to build up health room and equipment "25" periods two country doctors.Will also enlarge a social insurance guaranteeing in the meantime
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All time is no time when it is past.

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