Give you up

Give you up, because of loving you
Looking at that to be like in the in the moment shining head, several times all want to click it, over there very small dialog box in, have me unforgettable recall.I have been all aming missing you and want the head clicking you is like, but don't know what speak of, all thoughts and feelingses embed in the heart bottom, don't know how to bring up and at the beginning say that forget you, no longer miss you, really very difficult.At the beginning say don't care you, to just understand today, that is oneself to cheat himself/herself.Want to forget a person originally, really have no so and easily, at our chat record in, there is the footprint that we once walked together.More want to forget you, more think of you, the dead hour can not sleep to go and think so that you probably are a kind of happiness!Love so you, will even be a kind of sweet, miss yougold and silver jewelry

All write you into daily record at any time;Love you to put you in my in the mind forever, I am concerning about you, can not walk to your in the mind, want to forget you, can but also can not let go you forever.Each time here silently at the mid-night, will think of you!But I never regret to know you:I also know to own you!But, miss you, love you, who can not replace me, either, think that you are probably that one is wrong, but wrong worth, love you know perfectly well to have no a result, but isn't a fault.So, let me continue the head following you closely be like to in the moment gleam at me, so, follow you closely a head to be like gradual disappearance on this silent dead hour.Don't bother you, be not don't miss you, I am really to don't want to hurt you and don't bother you, be not don't love you, I am really to don't want to lose you.Liking you to have no is wrong,heat exchanger

If like you is that one is wrong, I prefer to a wrong again wrong, love you aren't a fault, if love you are a fault, I prefer to I bear molestation!Love you but can not together love you, but could not see a result, if sky having feeling is as well old for sky, I worry to could not wait.Will not see each other again, and be unequal to not to miss you, no longer meet and be unequal to not to love you!Because, you of happy and happy, the times will make me remember!Don't forget, I once had ever been to your in the mind as well and loved you, with no regret, again bitter didn't feel tired as well!Love you, not ability oneself, again difficult also concern about you at any time willingly, worry about you you at any time of everything all every moment touch wear my heart..Are you understand, I don't miss you are sad, at 1:00 all not think....Do you understand, my wishes is to want to make you happy and love you,

But can not see you again, can secretly bless you, love you, but can not own you, can silently comfort himself/herself.Missing you is unspeakable joy and miss you, is unspeakable happiness, I understand you have much bitter, also understand you have much painful, because love you, just fearing will lose you, because love you, just don't hurt you, if, one day, you thought of you, the heart please make you handing over to I, if, haveHan charities

A day, you could not see me any further, probably I have already parted forever with world, but I will remember, this world, you accompanied me to once walk together......
by fashiongirl | 2011-05-18 12:51

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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