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Watch out for light Zao to pollute bane baby sight health
Each new mamas to new daddy, we know the kid's near sight has something to do with environment, all know water pollution, air pollution and Zao such as people voice pollution to mankind healthy bane, but don't discover nearby latent threat-Zao only pollution, just and seriously injure people's eyes.In recent years, the pollution of the environment turns worse day by day.Numerous occurrence of tragedies let people more and more know environment to exist healthy importance to the mankind.People pay attention to water pollution, air pollution and Zao the voice pollute etc., and adopt measure to devote major efforts whole cure, but only pollute value to the Zao not enough.Afterward the fruit is various eye disease, the especially nearsighted ratio quickly increases.According to the statistics, the our country senior high school livings near sight to lead up to above 60% and occupies the second in the world.The father mother wants to know and protects a kid and starts to do since the childhood and started to do from the nearby small matter, let us resided living Zao concerning the house together the pollution is only.create the positive

The Zao light in the sense of vision environment's polluting mostly can is divided into 3 kinds:On being an outdoors to see pollution of the environment, like wall outside the building;Two is the indoor to see pollution of the environment, if the indoor repair, indoor bad light color environment etc.;Three is a part to see pollution of the environment, such as book book paper, some industrial product etc.s.

A, only pollute

The young parents who chase fashion mostly like each kind of lamps and laterns of luxurious imposing style in packing new residence.Can they not know too dazzling light, is also a kind of the light pollution that pollution call to the kid.The light pollution mainly comes from mankind to exist sunlight within environment, light and various glint and refract the various surfeit and not harmonious ray radiation that the light source results in.Human body at only pollution in first what to victimize is direct contact light source of eyes and skin, influence to the infant and the child larger, the stronger ray will weaken the infant's sight, the influence child's sight growth.

Stabbing the eye Xuan purpose light will not only endanger the person's sense of vision function, also the function of interference brain nerve.The kid's incitement to the light particularly sensitive, the brain will produce a series to badly respond while being subjected to bare incitement.Specially remarkable is some young parents, for the sake of the nighttime convenience, grow a clear light in packing kid's bedroom, let kid"bright sleep", this can invite a series of problem, for example the interference infant sleep and hinder calcium quality absorption and induct near sight leukemia even etc. the disease suffer from.

Guard against a counterplan:

1, the indoor the lighting don't want to persistently pursue luxury, should with simple is good;

2, the kid goes to bed Mo Kai Deng and avoids "bright sleep";

Therefore child particularly when the infant goes to bed can not open a light for a long time, if have a special demand, can choose to protect an eye to use a desk lamp for night.pares off card

3, don't make the kid watch appearance flicker and change quick television program for a long time, contact when the computer and video game is confidential to limit the in order to prevent injures sight or inducts light quick sex epilepsy.

1 year old don't want to watch television in the infant;The 2-year-old kid watches television 23 pretty much the clock will take a rest a period of time after;The 3-year-old kid watches television also can not longer than an hour, finishing seeing a program empress should arrive outdoors to play.

4, the periodical check make kid's eyes more healthy

For some kid's eyes problems, the parent,such as earlier period, discovers, the earlier period treatment will receive the effect of half effort and double results, because age more young treatment effect more good, adult behind cure effect badly.

The parent periodically brings the kid to ophthalmology center to have a check and passes MTI, the Shai checks an instrument, hand to move Shai to check an instrument etc. to low age kid(1-3 years old) growth disease did to settle the examination of sex and fixed amount in early days.If the kid gets and bends light eye department diseases, such as iniquity, amblyopia and strabismus...etc., the Shai gets a treatment in time after checking and passes and early discovers and early cures, make the bane decline to lowest extent, let the kid is in the growth process don't need be subjected to the harassment of eye disease.

Two, noise pollution

Avoid a Zao voice pollution.Infant auditory organ growth didn't°yet be perfect, the too big orotund incitement will hurt childish auditory organ.Music of the high volume quick rhythm, will cause the very small blood vessel spasm of inner ear, provide blood decrease, make the dint descended thus, even result in the Zao voice deaf.Should be as far as possible little to take a child to song and dance hall etc. entertainment area, the stereo set volume of family cinema should also control appropriately.Don't let kid the mimicry adult wear headphones to listen to music, this causes to listen to dint damaged very easily.

The electronic game, stereo set, and karaoke...etc. get into a family one after another, although consumedly enriched people's life,brought the kid's healthy growth concealed suffer from.For example say:

1, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sense of hearing:The life is above over a long period of time environment person's 50% deafs in the 80 dBs, usually wear headphones to go to the concert to cause permanent sex deaf.

2, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sense of vision:Usually be placed in a Zao voice environment in, make the sensitivity of person's eye lowered, the eye pupil spread greatly, the color feel with visual field abnormality, creation dimmed eyesight, the sight descend, respond a dull phenomenon, will cause the occurrence of traffic accident.what good project

3, Zao the influence of the voice upon the digestive system:The Zao voice can make the saliva, stomach liquid secreted to descend and make appetite stagnant but cause a digest way disease.

4, Zao voice the influence that grow growth to the child:Living child intelligence growth wants and discovers in the middle of the quiet environment than 20% low nutritionists in the noisy environment the Zao voice makes human body of vitamin B1, B2 and B6, amino acids and valley the ammonia is sour and depend on the ammonia sour etc. nourishment material to consume quantity increment, to the child grow to develop influence very greatly.

5, Zao voice to heart cerebral influence:The Zao voice will make the brain nerve regulated function to appear to lose control a phenomenon and result in breath speed, violent heart beating, the blood pressure go up, blood vessel spasm, cause high blood pressure etc. the heart cerebral disease.

6, Zao the influence of the voice upon the immune system:The Zao voice in long time makes immune system function mess, make the person easily be subjected to a cause microorganism infection, cause skin disease or other diseases, even cancer.

7, Zao the influence of the voice upon the sleep:Zao voice the sleep quality and amount that influence a person.Continuous Zao voice the turn-over that quickly sleep soundly to lightly sleep, make to sleep soundly time to shorten.Abrupt Zao voice 40 dBs, make 10% people wake up with a start;60 dBs 70% people wake up with a start.The sleep don't will seriously influence the person's health and work so much.

The ear is the important organ that the kid obtains an information, the kid passes the discriminator, mimicry surrounding environment to study language, obtain knowledge and communicate emotion.The modern medical science proves that once the Zao voice in our environment is more than 50 decibels, will influence the person's rest and sleep, more than 70 decibels will make person fidgety, the energy isn't concentrated, but kid such as long term life at more than 80 decibels Zao voice environment, then probably influence to listen to dint, also appear a language development in the days to come bad, lack expression ability and curiosity.So, the dint of listenning to of protection baby, the clearance Zao voice pollutes urgent.
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