pathological changes

The blindness"the row poison keeps Yan" easily suffers from a pathological changes before the cancer
For the sake of ability a thin again thin, not a few female drink several cups"row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight" type every day health care article, but sometimes have never attained to prepare the effect for thinking, because the toxin"had already increased don't reduce" that blindly lines up poison to make inside the body.Article letter

Ms. Lee from see not a few"row poison, pure bowel" type health care article, enounce ability lucid environment inside the balance, easily carry out a row poison, reduce weight.Since August, she connected to eat for three months, the inception effect is still good, but gradual disappear effect, the not only weight has already increased don't reduce, and the body endotoxin is more and more, the pimple on the face this that Fu.

Arrive one check in the hospital, discover that oneself unexpectedly suffers from a kind of cancer ex- pathological changes disease-colon black change disease.

30% knot and rectum tumor the sufferer have black colon to change disease

Discover, taking by oneself in the clinical diagnosis and treatment is various'the row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight'etc. health care article or the sufferer of Xie win, there was equal part to get a kind of new disease-colon black change disease, make to be constipated thus more and more serious.

Black change in the colon patient in, 100% once took'the row poison, pure bowel, reduce weight'etc. cared article or Xie history.In the sufferer of colon, rectum tumor, there is 20% to 30% sufferer's companions hasing black colon to change disease.Although to cause because of so far still not clear, have research enunciation, its occurrence development and some in common use Xie or relax bowel health care some chemistry compositions in article relevant.There was a research to say, the colon was black to change the disease is to grow'before the cancer pathological changes', often and the colon gland lump kind the polyp and colon cancer Be concomitant to mutually living."

The expert reminds:It is a food therapy to line up poison most in brief

Now, the constipation has become a kind of"fashionable disease", this absorbs decrease, taste with the protein, the fat material comparison ascension and meal fiber in the food to pursue incitement and has no regulation life living etc. close and related.

BE doing not clear up the reason of resulting in the constipation, listen to and believe some"row poison" and"reduce weight" a product advertisement, from make the decision piece or immoderation usage, not only invalid, oppose health disadvantageous.
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The expert reminds that want to make pure outbreak reason first, prescribe medicine for specific ailment under the doctor's instruction, the attention adjusts food, living, life habit etc..Should not blindly listen to and believe an advertisement, especially to the usage composition, constitute the health care article or drugs of lacking understanding.Under the necessary condition, can also arrive hospital to accept the electronics colon mirror check, only early discover and early cure, then can prevent°from colon black changing the depravation of disease.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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