22 earthquake experts

On that day 22 earthquake experts call as usualLuxury wedding planner
If has the city that the prediction calls your place will take place a heavy earthquake, what reaction will you make?Face prediction to disdain to a to attend to, or pack luggage egress to seek refuge?According to England 《everyday the tele-communications report 》May is 10 and have a prophet to predict before a hundred years around Italian Rome will take place a heavy earthquake on May 11, 2011, this prediction caused the dismay of local residents in Rome City now, and several thousand Rome citizen escape home to seek refuge on the eve of the 11th.Weddings performed

Does a the meteorologist who dies already a long time in Italy pull thin Er?The class single Di once predicted in 1915, Rome would take place a heavy earthquake on May 11, 2011.In the last a few months, this topic is again mentioned by people on the network.Italian local medium suggest to the survey that the people carry on, choose for a candidate in every 5 Rome persons at 11 ask for leave on days, take a kid to seek refuge in sea beach or country.The prediction of heavy earthquake makes Rome City been full of panic atmosphere, many stores declare to close up shop at the time on the eve of the 11th, Rome mayor have to break through a hot-line to pacify citizen.Wedding dresses

The Italian parties concerned has already carried on refuting a rumour to the prediction of heavy earthquake.Do Italian nation geophysics and volcano learn seismologist Alexander of institute for research?The Ma gives to think, "have no proof to show that Rome City will take place a heavy earthquake on the that very day of the 11th.Italy is an earthquake to deliver nation more, the occurrence of the small scaled earthquake is very normal."Prince William

Another according to American medium report way, the Italian 11th along while in capital city Rome has already taken place 22 earthquakes, however don't with a run shake is the destructiveness"heavy earthquake".Earthquake the experts said that 22 earthquakes happen in the earthquake multifarious Italian along while are normal.British Queen Victoria
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All time is no time when it is past.

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