old man time

Despair of old man time

That is an old farmer that honest Ba hands over.The home is poor, brings up a son and a daughter.Hard working greater half generation son, the sons and daughters all become a house.A tile of the old man hides house but cruelly a big on fire of crest naked.The old companion also before long dies of illness in a fire.Helpless, old man can follow son's a life.Because, thou come all is keep son to defend old, again say that daughter's husband's family doesn't like poor much kinner friendly intercourse as well.The old man has a liking for aer lot of than actual age old.That bends a curved waist and carries on the back to up grow a lot of old man's spots.Often only wear arm, the cloth trousers in a green blue, block a waist to bind with a cloth belt.The old man always sends some Luo Luo basket baskets to daughter's house, this is a handicraft of his meeting.Sometimes also go to periodical market to sell a basket, after daughter family outside of the brook, looking at own family that the daughter's grandson is in the river opposite shore to jump, loudly call grandfather, don't dare to enter daughter's family as well.Kid's son always acrosses river to toward a grandfather to shout, asking of oddness how to don't come over old man.After growing up, they will understand.Isn't a grandfather don't love them, but the natal home is poor, grandmother isn't good to mother and always fear some poor relativeses to take an advantage.To not make the daughter difficult, the old man always mutually hopes at the river opposite shore attention.Give repeated advice to those kid's sons, obedient, don't play water, don't take a sunbatheSpare parts`````

Before long, the old man died.That year, that day, rain is next to be specially heavy and be like at tell endless sad.That day, the old man just was the beginning of big disease more.He borns 1 kind to call:The thing of "fly snake" is on the waist.It is 1 turn to surround a waist.Someone says that grow this kind of thing on the waist, as long as the wreath waist mounts a circle, the person is getting more bealso yond hope.The old man's son has no how to take to once manage him, after all the old man is his nuisance, the old man dies earlier, he is super to living earlier flourishing, is his conviction of consistent persistence.Have no money to go for a doctor, don't also take medicine the condition of letting the old man very serious.The meat on the waist, the outsides are all lousy to become scarred, meat inside but lousy must snake son.The time that waits the old man's daughter to visit, just discover old father already in the approaching death edge.The skin connects clothes, can hardly also strip off.Daughter's bean big tears keeps and stayed to nearby look after old man's a day at the old man and just pulls back from the jaws of death the old man.The old man has been a strong person, his words say, is that the life is hard.Concentric baffles

The daughter returned to husband's family to go to, the husband's family there had already made to god.The mother-in-law thinks that the daughter-in-law has already stolen how much good thing to natal home.The meaningless war waits a daughter, she returns to face.Son heel the this place of daughter-in-law, at ordinary times mean old man, thought at first this old man will return west and had never thoughted to still live to come over.The old man became more to stab in the eyesore meat.Rice also not make the old man eat, rather pour to eat for chicken, also not eat for old man.Three meals, the old man picked up some orange skin to cook their he or she to hard save the next rice in the outside and burned into a gruel to eat.Sometimes and wear wild vegetable, sometimes chew some sweet potatos.Usually waste at people of in the food, which kind to old man, all very precious, which fear one vegetables leaf is also extravagant.He is getting older, dimmed eyesight, the wild vegetable finding out worse than before many.Body bone also a day and not equal to day.Besides he still needs to help a son to do an agriculture to live.The time that eat satisfiedly, he still helps a person the load the rock.Afterwards also really could not lifted up, also the nobody is unfeeling to use him.The Luo basket can not also weave how much, hand and foot already all ineffective live.Once, in the ground, the old man has already dug the sweet potato of son's home, pack full full two basketseses, this was what son makes the load sold.The old man was motionless true load of and gave a person to go home to shout a son to come to load.Who know, son a come to scold mercilessly.Old man can crustily the skin of head go to a load.On the road, heavy old man's two legs a soft, kneel on the road.Having no anyone to come forward to hand is a , the old man's son but eye disappear of go away.The old man's tears is breathed to drip down, concealed in the wrinkly scar of the face last vicissitudes of life.Current capacity

Old man finally walk last dead end, he drank agrochemical to commit suicide.His son lies that the old man dies of illness, only the old man's daughter see an old man the body of the iciness, the facial expression is painful, the arms and legs distorts and accept flounder appearance, the facial expression is green black, on the body again have strong agrochemical flavor.Just know that the old man commits suicide by poison.In the keepsake, only a set of daughter once did to the old man's a set of new cloth dress, the old man had been didn't being willing to give up to wear.She again the regrets hate again, but can become endless tears.The old man walked and changed into a heap of dust.His sub- descendant while spoiling a pet, have who remember an old man?When they waste food, have who have ever thought of an old man to pick up the orange skin Bao gruel?Suffering from cold and hunger, the slight illness molestation didn't defeat him, is natural affection inhospitality and asperity to make him walk last dead end.His in the mind has how much injustice don't tell, he let go of human world like this.He waits not go to his little granddaughter, grandson grow up and take he escapes from a hell.Etc. doesn't arrive they take he sees a drama and listens to ditty and appreciates a month and drinks tea and has a chat domestic life and says and washes feet for him and shear a naildiversified range``````

If say, a stars sinks into, the world has a life birth.The good man so died have mercy on whether person will become a star on the sky?Hope star sky every night, whether have who discover which gleam, call the person to looking at to cannot help but sheding tears?The star that the old man also became an among those to call the person to shed tears?
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All time is no time when it is past.

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