forward railroad construction

Railroad department:grasp the quality safe stability work to have a preface to push forward railroad construction
Recently, the large staff officers and workers thorough study of each construction of railroad unit carries through Hu Jintao total secretary importance designation spirit, according to the deployment and request of railroad department party set, around science has a preface to push forward railroad construction, this important topic and takes the lead change section working talent and goes deep into to develop "three whole cure a to raise" activity, practical grasp construction quality of safe stability work, there is preface pushing forward point engineering construction.Nation altogether

After the whole road video-phone meeting on April 22, each construction of whole roadses unit quickly convenes party member general assembly and party sectional conference and inform and study Hu Jintao total secretary importance designation spirit, and carry through the total secretary importance to the study designation spirit conduct and actions at present a key job to grasp.On May 2, in the whole road constuct work video-phone meeting up, the railroad department party constitutes member, the vice minister Lu Chun Fang's whole roadseses to constuct unit how go deep into to carry through a beard total secretary importance designation spirit, the implementation department party set of the decision deployment make to submit a body arrangement and mobilize each unit around science have a preface to push forward railroad construction, this important topic and combine a work physically and unify thought, explicit task, implement a job and devote efforts to implementation, for overall completion this year the railroad constucted a task to beat good foundation.

The railroad construction management system reform is science to contain the important contents that the preface pushes forward railroad construction.The railroad department party set at concerning push forward railroad science development of in the great deployment, further and definitely the construction of the railroad department and railroad bureau manage a job.The department constucts a management the department and each railroad bureau, railroad company according to deployment and request of the unifying of department party set, around section working talent change, work mechanism innovation etc. point contents, organize party member staff's developing relieve thought is big and discuss.Manage a principle from the change, creative management way etc. sets out, each construction unit combs the key problem that the railroad construction regulation system, technique standard and item organize the last existence completely and particularly check to seek a section management working talent existence of outstanding problem, have already aimed at sex and have point the ground put forward improvement measure and suggestion, for push railroad construction to develop to dedicate to account to dedicate a plan well and quickly.Ideal shape

According to the construction principle of "protect in setting up, must, heavy kit", in the foundation that comb and again and again study completely of the railroad department party set, invested a plan to carry on adjustment to the 2011 capital construction.Each construction unit according to this principle, strictly implementation the capital construction invests an adjustment plan this year, further excellent organization design for turning an item construction, science reasonable arranges a work project and go all out to grasp at set up item particularly is a point engineering construction, the reasonable arrangement starts work item very lately.In the funds under the nervous circumstance, each construction of whole roadses unit recognizes pure situation, distinct thing have their order of priority, insist that the retention press and actively and steadily work well to constuct a funds to collect guarantee, science arrangement and strictly take charge of a work.

From from March 30, construction each unit of system started the invitation to bid bids, quality safety, investment control and funds' managing particularly an item is whole cure work and exaltation inspect a work of"three whole cure a to raise" activity.Over a month, each construction unit goes deep into a row to check railroad engineering completely, the invitation to bid bids, the quality safety, direct check, investing control and funds to manage etc. existence of outstanding problem, to construction scale and technique standard not scientific, construction work period not reasonable, the funds manages medium the super budget estimation, super investment plan, super funds budget and super contract and false hair ticket and safe quality takes charge of dint etc. not problem, carry on a research respectively, put forward the whole opinion for changing a processing, work well whole change a work.A process

The quality safety and stabilizing that grasps railroad construction, is support the current railroad constucts good situation of the realistic problem is also the basic problem that science has a preface to push forward railroad construction.Face current difficulty and pressure, each three set up unit to always keep to resolve to succeed of mental state, science reasonable arrangement railroad constucts scale, standard and progress, ensures construction quality and makes each engineering withstood a horary examination.A stage greatly checks the foundation of result before consolidation up, the engineering quality safety inspect a total station to send a check set to Hu high speed railway in the city and part particularly the high risk, high difficulty item carry on lately a the spot check.Department engineering management the center put forward to continue to develop technique advantage, perfect and related measure, for quickly push forward a passenger transportation special line the construction contribute.The core function of practical exertion item construction of each construction unit always insists constucting by law and strictly carries out capital construction procedure;Thorough push forward to standardize a management, take the lead a carrying out of standard and workflow;Open to do a lot of thinking, liberation thought, expand visual field, study to enhance quality safety and promise stable of new way of thinking, lately raise Cuo, make great effort to adapt to science to have the preface pushes forward railroad construction of new request
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All time is no time when it is past.

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