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The global vision is attracted to Africa-the 21th African meeting to World Economic Forum
The 21th African meeting to World Economic Forum convenes in Cape Town, South Africa on the 4th and attend meeting representatives in all countries and widespreadly entertains optimistic an attitude to the African development foreground and think that Africa will greet lately an economic growth high peak, the forum appeals that African all countries try and keep economy and invest of can keep on a growth, extensively develop an international cooperation, help integral whole in the region to turn progress, greatly develop and create good external environment for Africa.Dead lamp

The general assembly unites chairman, power company the Mu blessing of president in South Africa nation ·mark tile Na mean on the forum, the vision of world is changing direction Africa, energy's adding a resources has already made African Continent become"gold treasure ground", African energy and resources develop to need to be pumped capital into, and looking for the extensive international cooperation then can ensure an African economy growth's need for energy.He emphasizes that Africa still needs more infrastructure construction, this will create beneficial environment for drawing on investment and development economy.

The general assembly unites chairman and the United States finishes Ma Wei accounting firm president Di Mo Xi ·Fu wood said, owing to currently the complexity of the international economic political situation and the indetermination of the risk and opportunity, compare with the dialogue of Africa to seem to be more important at any time formely.He says that the international society has to know, the importance in Africa presents day by day, enlargement Africa is very necessary in the international business and the words power in economic structure and form in the world, of the west nation, emerging economies and Africa all countries need to build up a new mode of cooperation and mechanism to promote African economy quickly develop.Low power

Bank in Botswana goes long benefit Na ·Mo Huo Huo says, African Continent is heading for a globalization day by day, the population flows and the technique innovate of the speed all consumedly outstrips formely, Africa leadered the challenge and development opportunity that has to adapt to a modern era to face lately.Africa is standing at all new of rise to run on-line, it develops a situation world to focus attention.But the topic of the current meeting"from conceive alignment to act, the new literary piece of Africa", the heat that then highlights world to this mainland slices expectation.Africa necessarily will play the new role of importance under global economy new situation.He thinks that Africa the economic growth rate may attain in 20115.3%, will become global economy to develop one of the quickest regions.

The Lagos Oando group administration chief executive officer's Pierre · virtuous Wei Er ·Di Nu Bo says and develops international trade to push the African economy fast- increasing important means, as a result have to break the trade barrier of African in the nation, accelerate a merchandise to circulate.He thinks, although the African economy increases a situation pleased person,whole competition ability in Africa needs to be promoted further.Africa wants to quickly develop a step, have to put forth effort change economy to increase mode, and industrial structure...etc. many factors and thoroughly change African for long time economy growth main with export original material and primary commodity conduct and actions prop up of mode.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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