Build to keep

Build to keep in mind Heng to point a cattle so much after the Hong Kong Stock Market holidays 63590, the Heng point bear 64010

Labor Day holidays later on, the Hong Kong Stock Market rises power after returning.Er cover's attaining organization leader to pull to ascend is killed by American solider's shot, benefit good around the world investment atmosphere, Hong Kong Stock Market the segment early rise about 150:00.Vessels Coal

The person goes at the holidays have no tighten money supply, smooth a market of worried, Hong Kong Stock Market this morning already once again heavy up 10 antennas, the next target can make reference to 20 antennas the level is about 23,980:00, as ability again next city, will have chance to arouse the Hong Kong Stock Market back up in highest month Gao Wei Jin 24,500:00 neighborhood.

Round the field funds take advantage of last week a big city time set, continued to deploy good Cang.The Heng pointed a cattle certificate to record on last Thursday overed 45,000,000 dollars funds inflow, the contrary bear certificate then recorded be close to 55,000,000 dollars funds run off;And summary all on Thursday trade day, cattle certificate totally inflow over 140,000,000 dollars, bear certificate then run off over 75,000,000 dollars, or the reflection is optimistic about of the funds is more.

If anticipate the Heng continues upward, can consider that the Heng points a cattle 63590, take back price 23,100:00, 11 expire in December, years, actual lever 28.000%;Seeing thin can consider that the Heng points bear 64010, take back price 24,600:00, 11 expire in August, years, actual lever 18.600%, change a ratio all is 10000.

If want to avoid taking back risk, can consider that the Heng buys 27697, exercise price 25,000:00, 11 expire in September, years, actual lever 11.900%, extend meaning a 20.3%.See thin then can consider that the Heng points Gu 28970, exercise price 24,000:00, 11 expire in August, years, actual lever 7.000%, extend meaning a 28.6%.

*Please read the doing not need of relevant Hang Seng Index responsibility pronouncement inside the document of becoming available in the market.

Don't need a responsibility pronouncement:
This data is issued by bank Hong Kong branch office of France Paris, it doesn't constitute any suggestion, invitation, want invite or canvass the business structure product.The structure price of article is nasty to rise or nasty fall, investor or will suffer completely loss.The relevant property comes and goes a performance not to reflect to will express in the future.The cattle bear certificate fully has compulsorily claim pawned article mechanism and possibility is in advance terminated, then(i) the N cattle bear certificate investor will not get to deliver any amount of money;And(ii) the surplus value of R cattle bear certificate probably is zero.The investor should cautiously check the related risk of structure product and evaluate risk by oneself, and consult with a professional opinion while having been already needed.The investor should read basic become available in the market document(include basic become available in the market document enclosure) and add all detail concerning structure product inside the document of becoming available in the market.The stock of France Paris(Asia) limited company circulates quantity promoter for structure product, be also likely to be its only market participant.The stock of France Paris(Asia) limited company, bank Hong Kong branch office of France Paris and it is allied to belong to a company all not to structure product:(i)Can in schedule to become available in the market the day become available in the market;And(ii) it becomes available in the market behind it circulate quantity and make to serve as what pronouncement or assurance.Surface area
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All time is no time when it is past.

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