I still cherish

If the happy balloon destines and flies to walk, so I still keep tightly holding tight;If destine as a result is lose, so I still keep cherishing.


The star holds a silk to love pity in the sky and heartily flutter a continuously be fond of Mang of shining, change magically one staring at of a night, the fragment of dream time and time againOrdinary single
Now, delineate my You the thoughts and feelings of the You.

Someone asks me:"If destine as a result is lose, your meeting how?"After finishing listenning to, do I smile a to smile and lose and actually and what lose?I go back and forth in the tunnel of being fond of the Mang and look for the see can not appear of answer.

Don't feel, the windmill Lue of years went to 14 passing moments, the memory was motley to solidify into the trace of light breeze in my brain.The close relatives leave, the betrayal of bosom friend, sad everythings of graduation are all like the fragment of the passing years, my heart tie of full is a scar formation, the ache spread my whole body.Hasn'ting been understanding is what lost of I finally understood, it was a tears to soak to lose behind of deplore greatly, is have no with talk form of the sorrow is incredible madness.Colored light

"If destine as a result is lose, your meeting how?"Understand actually and what lose of I but still don't understand what answer, look for, lose, look for, lose, let to form a freezing point of concretion in my heart, can not change magically.Ordinary single

That night, pace alone grandmother's room , inside the house, get empty none person.The icy cold air in multiple layers wraps up I and concentrate thin hope, that black and white of photograph.Old man's forehead of photograph writes full the vicissitudes of life is two words, the crease climbs ascend her cheeks, seem several decades of the rise and fallses all conceal in the photograph.The grandmother see I release from school back of beam with joy, the grandmother accompany my ffected industry to wait until to no longer aware of self to sleep soundly but still flutter at the midnight of is a my the hand of fan, in the grandmother's in the article of death ex- hand tight Zuan wear of I favourite peach······The whole everythings all such as the ground dream sort flutter after one year and hope an old man wearing a smile facial appearance, my tears still fall full the whole world, turn round, the final outcome destines is lose.BTV series

Slowly walk to before the window, stare at the full moon out of the window, the lonesome moonlight is together to fade in color of light Hu, exaggerate me the old dream of the iciness.Start to talk, lightly read aloud 1"if destine as a result is lose, so I still keep cherishing."
by fashiongirl | 2011-04-19 11:56

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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