If, love

Loving Rubik's cube, I put together with 1,100 kinds of methods and come to return back, didn't know to go back and forth how much spring autumn, walk into street, the cold breeze blows the soul of awake soundly asleep, just discover that love makes me sink of thus deep.


【Love, think too beautifully, but the reality take regretful 】

Have been thinking that oneself will have been standing down to go toward a dream and loves 1 just from cradle to the grave, 1 holds the hand once, that is the much beautiful fairyland, calculate in a dream of you very poor, I would like to also build together with you, hold hands summer autumn of spring winter, totally lick bise to pass night in the open, as long as you nestle at you and is warm pleasant breeze sun every day nearby, each all deep-rooted, we tell Zhong bowel with each other, we wipe tear stain with each other, the green silk hands over knot, the grey hair totally holds, be you I all oldly can not walk anymore of time, I quietly nestle the bosom at you, enjoying in retrospect us this is mild but sweet of whole life.

But the dream is finally a dream, the it is dawn is also awake, time wake up, the cheeks is moist, the eye socket is suffused with the red, the heart is piercing, the person is a foolish Leng of, dejectedly hope far go to of figure, imitate Buddha soul to also follow behind but go.

Once see the defoliation float zero and once smelt fragrance of flower Qin heart, any vulgar love more and more can not make the person go into heart, the dream is long, the feeling is long, how much person can from a but eventually, and then have how much person never hope again, the host of the nursery tale inside Mr. who can practice success, have no an inquiry end.

The person who looking at to come and goes does all kinds of dream, who left in my heart bottom tear stain, I and then who the heart bottom row under scar, can not distinguish who harm who, the way isn't clear who fall in love with who, who is a whose who, just go back and forth in dream twittering.

【Love, the dream is a , the tears are 1 】

The love is a dream, a dream that contains tears, although tears rain pear flower is also beautiful, finally just fallen petal have intention to protect spring mire, the spring mire lives life of refugee and has no time for a love to be stained with fallen petal,rain for the spring mire tears rain with rain.White light

If the life only has a dream, I only wish stays and waits this dream for love, but reality make the dream become empty, kick out me out of the in a dream, you whether also will have silk heartache, follow you closely unconcerned, I just know that to be just my wishful dream.

If the life only has a dream, I only wish wait for this dream for love, but you intrude into my in a dream and stir spring water 1 in disorder, but Be not willing to leave shadow Zong, follow you closely disappear in a dream, I just discover that aming just I to wait for false dream.

If the life only has a dream, I only wish carries on the back this dream for love, a dream with you to have you, thin water is long to flow of dream, a practical dream, a feeling content slices of dream, 1 never leaves to leave of dream ……

【If, love 】

Love be like fill blank, sign signature whose to write in whose heart, put a whose hand in the whose hand, the Rou synthesizes an office file of love and saves forever.The product selects

If, love, really light loose, lose also can't so painful, so this also just a game is a dream and have never needed someone to come to understand.

If, love, destine to want empty, probably I should learn not to move and coolly treat loving impulse, let oneself safely of lead every minute.

If, love, someone would like to cover with dust for me, I wish the seed that will love to cover up to go into in mind, irrigate with the blood, work hard the building protect and wait for a certain long one specific name is happy acrospire, bloom a this present life doesn't thank of flower, full to overflow breadth of view.This analysis report's
by fashiongirl | 2011-04-13 13:03

All time is no time when it is past.

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