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The ticket fuel surcharge rises to 110 travellers to sigh to can not stand
Yesterday, sand too road one gas station hanged a new gasoline price tag.Little Long She in reporter's Chuanglight of principle

BE walked by international oil price high influence, several airlines raised flight path fuel surcharge.HongKong-Macau flight path, from from April 1, 2011(taking date of ticket as is quasi-), the country sail adjusted Hong Kong flight path fuel surcharge to collect standard.The Chinese mainland goes to an of Hong Kong flight path fuel surcharge each sail segment each traveller is adjusted to 164 dollars renminbi by 140 dollars renminbi.ability little

The south sail also adjusted hinterland at the in the same day with HongKong-Macau flight path fuel the surcharge is standard.From from April 1, 2011(taking date of ticket as is quasi-), the fuel surcharges of Chinese hinterland and Hong Kong in Hong Kong, Macau sale, Macau flight path are been 165 dollars hk$ by the each sail segment and adjust to 194 dollars hk$.Hong Kong and Macau outside sale of, is been 140 dollars renminbi by the each sail segment, adjust to 164 dollars renminbi.

Harbor aviation dragon will go back and forth the fuel surcharge of hinterland and Hong Kong service to adjust to USD 24.9 per segment from April 1.The country Tai aviation will go back and forth fuel surcharge each one of Chinese hinterland and Hong Kong service to adjust to USD 24.9 from April 1.

Together the city medium report way:light LED

From zero:00, today's less than 800 kilometers are adjusted to 60 dollars by 50 dollars, more than 800 kilometers are adjusted to 110 dollars by 90 dollars

Report the Xun(reporter Xing is gradually) local ticket fuel surcharge to break 100 dollars toll-gate lately and quickly!BE changed by hair the influence that the Wei raises the aviation kerosene factory price, from today from zero:00(taking ticket time as is quasi-), the domestic lines ticket fuel surcharge will raise 10 dollars, 20 dollars according to the distance etc. is not.But today the ticket that purchase already before zero:00, even if after zero:00 line, even change a label, all still press original standard pay fuel surcharge.LED and advantage

Local aviation kerosene the factory price raise

Be subjected to North Africa situation in Middle East to keep on a turbulence to influence, the international crude oil price continuously soars, yesterday carried on second time inside the year to raise since the local vapor diesel.Raise local aviation kerosene of still having of the price in the meantime factory price, among them, the airline blow out gas fuel price on the third most in common usely, each ton of soar 500 dollars, already 6840 dollars per ton, higher than the basis price of 4140 dollars per ton is 2700 dollars.Because the fuel surcharge of the local ticket standard, adopt and aviation kerosene price allied dynamic mechanism, therefore national hair changes the notice of Wei and means, each airline can press current allied motive system rules, make sure the new fuel surcharge takes standard.

Yesterday, several local airlines continuously announced latest of local ticket fuel surcharge standard-from 2011 from zero:00 on April 8(with ticket time is quasi-), 800 kilometers(contain) of following sail segment each traveller from original 50 dollars raised to 60 dollars, more than 800 kilometers of sail segment each traveller from original 90 dollars raised to 110 dollars and raised range to distinguish to 20% and 22%.LED classification
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All time is no time when it is past.

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