South bead

South bead and tower are rare to lift|the bead of ground in Ta-hsi has what distinct

Ambiguously remember to seem a bead shell that the category is different,
And because the region difference is very big,
BE flowed by different ocean influence,Tahitian pearl
The fluid matter is different,
The microorganism is also different,
Consequently make the secretion of bead shell different,
The material that forms pearl constructs different.
The sheen, quality of pearl and none of veinses seeing under the microscope exerts a homology,
Blow breath pearl top, become of the drop of water can recognize.
Ha ha, Freshwater pearlI am what saw during the days in the primary school.
All can not remember clearly now.
Is about such,

Cultured pearl not- general beauty and ray of light in Southern Asia
Good reputation after possessing pearl of bead in Southern Asia was produced to northern side ocean in Australia, Philippines and Indonesia at first, the physical volume was special, general diameter from 10-20 millimeter, belonged to heavy weight pearl, very and precious, be worth of not thin.The color has a clean and pure powder color, charming silvery to the noble gold color, South Sea pearlmany tasties request the highest person to serve to will as well don't want to put it away to her.

2.The ground pearl in Ta-hsi is difficult to know mysterious with lure
She the atoll and coral island from south Pacific Ocean, the ground pearl in Ta-hsi not only contains deep sea of mysterious, more in the meantime and have the Huan colourful ray of light of light rainbow.The big ground pearls in parts of Ta-hsi all belong to a drop of water type, the lines sees more special than the general circular, diameter from 10-15 millimeter not etc., the color chooses to generally have solid black,Golden South Sea pearl deep ash and silvery, but the most special color then brilliant brilliant of peacock, the Mi foot is precious.

3.The Japanese cultured pearl classic exquisite article moving sheen
Japanese cultured pearl vegetable to is all classic species in the cultured pearl, mainly have circular or oval, diameter from 2-10 millimeter, the habitat was the southwest of Japan and China at first.Have already taken pink white, butter and silver blue by adjusting, go together with Chen to all make on any lady artificial of at present a bright.
4.The jewelry from Kasumiga-ura lake

Be conceived to the northeast of Tokyo Kasumiga of area in the noodles lake the pearl is the model in the new generation pearl, the Pei Zhi process needs mankind and the close match of great universe, because that day origin the new product that mixs a kind with Chinese fresh water oyster adopted grows, then again artificial Zhi go into circular or flat even Jean pit, just can conceive one special take a rose of the pearl of pink or deep pink, its ray of light lustrous Jiao the United States,Jewellery Manufacturers the person appears in public a love.

At collect Japanese cultured pearl and Southern Asia bead and ground pearl in Ta-hsi of in the process, adopting bead the personnel is pleasedly surprised the detection come from natural Keshi pearl.When small sand grain or other foreign materials pound at but walked into inside the oyster with the water current, a non-nuclear completely natural pearl then and from here but birth, but it the irregular shape at the right moment reflect an author of all being of mysterious, color from silver grey arrive deep Tan color not etc., the color and luster is natural, the Mi foot is precious.
5.Chinese fresh water pearl the shape and tone is ever-changing
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All time is no time when it is past.

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