Become AA system

Become AA system with husband husband and wife to he 2,000 can love once
The career this time lets my excitement not already, I not only find out help Yang Jun's method, but also still look for to return to"sex blessing" for having long time no see.Henceforth, every 23 day, I will throw in Yang Jun's in front previous 2,000, then start our husband and wife life, and Yang Jun also seem to be a mood very good, make every effort a match to me, matchless consideration, make me happy almost to shed tears each time.

I will know Yang Jun in the big age youth communication.If not that the cruel Hao people leaves me, if not that parents that intertexture wears to feel pity on and looks forward to of vision, be beat me 100 greatest plank, I can't come to this kind of place, either.Arriving a communication will on the scene, I am silly eye, the assembly hall inside outside packs with a dense crowd, everybody at hot fire dynasty the world is with other people's confabulation.I really felt a little bit inharmonious and then came out assembly hall.Make me delighted BE, don't like still having of my atmosphere a person, he is Yang Jun.I naturally talked with Yang Jun, he was born in the village, there is a marriage history, the former wife dislikes him not enough rich jilted him.Probably have common abandoned experience, I talk very a speculation with him.

From now on, we start associating.After two months, he then proposed toward me.I go home to tell parents, the mother is very happy, can the father has a worry, he says, Yang Jun at the beginning because the reason of the economy just divorces with wife of, his old house and then in the country, after getting married we meeting can't because of economy of reason occurrence antinomy?He suggests we at premarital do a property to notarize, so can avoid after getting married some antinomies.

I feel reasonable, can again feel so too realistic, again and again consider after, I be still truly the Huang truly and perhaps spoke my suggestion to Yang Jun.Make me surprised BE, Yang Jun didn't express the least bit upset, also say that he has already had viewpoint like this and just feared that my connecting to can not stand just don't put forward, he still lays claim to us to practice AA system after getting married, so after getting married can't because of the problem occurrence of the economy antinomy.Yang Jun's reasonableness makes me admire a pole, I tightly hugged him.

I and Yang Jun carried out premarital notarize, receive to conclude a marriage of certificate, just produced some rift in holding the problem of wedding.I hope breeze scene light the ground marry I to go out, let all friend witnesses my beautiful and happy, Yang Jun but assertion wedding low key carry on, invites the both sides main relatives to have meal calculate.When we all at feel for canning not persuade the other party upset, I suddenly thoughted of that the expenseses that notarizes a book, then puts forward a wedding are all come to by me, Yang Jun only a person is all right."That how can?"Being loose in his tone is dynamic of evidence.You are rich to return again hereafter I ain't late either!"I make fun of a way.Yang Jun has no again speak.I don't already is my own victory excitement.

Wedding at our with meticulous care plan and prepare in come, can put 40 tables of turns and twistses that party of many distinguished friendses inside the party halls thought of oneself ever to once walk on the love, I excitedly flowed under tears.When the wedding host asks me"would you like to become Mr. Yang Jun's wife?"I loudly answer" I would like to!"Yes, I would like to!Since today, I want to be an employable wife!

Taste premarital notarize of sweetener

Because Yang Jun has no house, my premarital housing became our bride chambers, Yang Jun was very much obliged and insist on is going to purchase some furnitures, is blocked by me.Before matrimony, parents early bought to like an essential furniture for us, only notarized to definitely note to return me in the book all just.

"Don't waste money again, hereafter the place that need to be spent money is much!"I nestle at Yang Jun of before the chest, the soft voice says.Yang Jun emphatically hugs tight I.I know that he moves, words like this, he anyway can't arrive to°from pleasing to listener his former wife mouth.We start discussing since the expenditure problem of family and decide the public expenditure that everybody takes out 800 dollars as home life monthly, in addition, the everyone saves money of everyone, everyone oneself's human feelings contacts, show filial obedience parents' etc.s all is born by the everyone itself."You don't the connecting buy floral money for me to also reduce to come in Valentine's Day!"Looking at Yang Jun in all seriousness appearance, I play trick to say."Should save have to save!"Yang Jun in earnest says.

Yang Jun almost saved the Ke engraves of degree.Their unit leaves the place that we live very far, but he insists riding to break bicycle to go to work every day, he wears also cold Chen, cellular phone etc. the home articles is all old style of, as the person who runs before person all day long, really have some not presentable son.I carry him to buy a set of lounge suit and a style of modern style cellular phone for him.Make what me tumble glasses BE, the second day, he returned money to me, he said that we have already practiced AA system, have to according to negotiating to do.I had to receive money, but the in the mind contains a kind of taste for canning not say it.But I still kept realizing the advantage of AA system, though the wages welfare of our unit is very high,I spend money big hand big feet at ordinary times, the number of deposit book is always little to be pitiful and even lend one part of money behind Yang Jun's back while getting married.After canning get married, number but straight line of my deposit book ascension, while not only repaying fully to conclude to marry money borrowed, return savings one part of money.

Real make me feel premarital notarize with the advantage of AA system or after receiving court summons.That day, court notifies that I should tell to court, originally Yang Jun with own name for under the other place of the cousin borrow° from his friend some money and failed because of the his cousin business, capital and interest money borrowed didn't return, his friend demands in many times have no behind, tell Yang Jun up law court, return will I together give tell.Yang Jun Yi's time 1 time says sorry to me, and say he asks for the next disaster by himself by himself/herself to undertake and in no case make me undertake the least bit responsibility.

Hold court that day, I meticulously sit in law court, see Yang Jun similarly offers as proof toward law court we premaritally notarize book and that friend to know that we carry on premarital notarize of proof, the judge is a court to mobilize that friend to withdraw to tell to me.Because all of properties, such as home house property and furniture...etc. are mine, almost have no Yang Jun's share son, that friend house property and income that originally was hurtling me came of, nasty now also didn't use, also no longer insist on Yang Jun to immediately return money.He voluntarily requests Yang Jun to divide to expect to divide to criticize to return, because can let like this Yang Jun sometimes the cousin who speed up him return money, and the spot and Yang Jun reached intermediation agreement.The variety clothes

The AA system brings of pleased and sad

Though premaritally notarize and our AA systems didn't make me undertake on this matter responsibility the least bit, I fear after still feeling.

"Why for the other people lend so much money don't make me know as well?"My after the event blames and scolds Yang Jun."Anyway we have agreement of, again don't you undertake a responsibility!"Yang Jun's tone easily says that he even tells me, he lends money for the cousin is also think 31 shares, like from medium the Mou take some interests to compensate that I pay of wedding of half expenses.Yang Jun's words suddenly make me ill at ease, the husband and wife's originally be wanted to undertake a responsibility mutually and compulsory of, can the premarital property notarize with AA system but became us mutual nonperformance husband and wife obligation and share borrowing of risk.Was Yang Jun to meet to bother this time, next time if is that did I meet how to do?"I returned that debt for you!We hereafter don't practice what AA make!"I the small voice entreat Yang Jun."You need not worry, I will handle own very of affair of!"Allow of no any objection in Yang Jun's words.

Before long, I the first birthday finally came after getting married.Before this, I early and early suggest Yang Jun and hope to receive his gift, can at the time that birthday came, but he didn't have to the slightest mean and just let me more two vegetableses.I discommoded a pole, this What an a wood person!I in mind and secretly scold a way.I really want to deliver a fire to him, can the AA system of of at the thought of oneself and somebody else, lose power a while.

Though Yang Jun to me and him by himself very"dig a door", he makes moves to his family and the relatives very generous.He always remits money to the parents of country on time monthly, old bearer in the house, he also always takes a somebody else the hotel go.There is some times, my words all arrived a mouth side, but abruptly forced oneself to swallow under go, what we practice is an AA system, what somebody else spent is his/her own money, I can take care of wear?

A day, Yang Jun's far building cousin comes to our house to lend money again, this time he lends 500 dollars to used for a life, I affirm that he can't return and then returned to cut off him before Yang Jun didn't open mouth.Can make me feel angry BE, Yang Jun unexpectedly make him wait for a second, then took money to hand over inside in his hand to the bank.Yang Jun's behavior makes me facial to to the utmost lose, once his far building cousin walk, I loudly start to blame him, he but hope me with innocent look, imitate a Buddha is asking, didn't you remember our AA systems?I had no language a while.

Before long, Yang Jun for his philanthropic-minded pay price.That far building cousin of his finally has no to sign according to Yang Jun and his friend of date return money, court to his unit confiscated and sealed his wages and stayed 67100 dollars living expenses to him just monthly.Yang Jun became hard-pressed to get up a while, his connecting each the agreement that pay 800 dollars living expenses of the every month that we arrange could not implement and said nothing of he according to the date remit to the parents' money, and monthly have to the human feelings contacts of the expenditure expenses.

"We not be practicing AA system again, is all right?"I again say to Yang Jun."Not, only practicing our bed and boards of AA systems then can last long!"Having no in Yang Jun's tone is the least bit hesitant.Probably the marriage result in for him for for the first time of injury too deep, I think.Though Yang Jun has no toward me open mouth, my still giving him 2,000 dollars money is his daily expenditure.Yang Jun didn't decline, but he beat a promissory note to me.I think really be his noodles tore promissory note, then throw into a toilet blunt drop, can I know Yang Jun's personality, frightened will hurt his self-respect like this, then folded the promissory note good to put into own drawer inside.

Money can buy happy

This is really one to make person unable to cay or laugh matter, as a cuckoldry, I present straight line ascension in the savings in the bank, but is the husband's Yang Jun living but more and more exhausted.The smiling face gradually disappeared from Yang Jun's face, I usually discovered he a personal become speechless.But, make I can not what to comprehend BE, he prefers to beat promissory note to borrow° from me mone monthly and woulds not like to accept my time of the good intentions that returns a style for him, either.

A day evening, I lie on the bed to watch a television drama, that makes my heart bottom suddenly upsurged a desire on the appearance, we already for a long time have never led husband and wife Be getting more living.I took a look Yang Jun at the side of body, he is carrying on the back to toward I lie on the bed, I know that he didn't fall asleep, definitely is again becoming sad for the business of money.I lightly gather together the face to his in front, he kissed me so while doing not be like our newly married, and moving didn't also moveThe putting.

"Do not be so supercilious, I pay this time!"I jokingly take 2,000 dollars money to throw in front of him.Probably is the person lacked money to money always special sensitive of cause, Yang Jun's eyes immediately opened, he of the emotion is transfered a while, he became an excitement to get up.That night, we seemed to return to previously.On the second day, Yang Jun took away those 2,000 dollars money, but with former dissimilarity of BE, he didn't submit promissory note to me.

The career this time lets my excitement not already, I not only find out help Yang Jun's method, but also still look for to return to"sex blessing" for having long time no see.Henceforth, every 23 day, I will throw in Yang Jun's in front previous 2,000, then start our husband and wife life, and Yang Jun also seem to be a mood very good, make every effort a match to me, matchless consideration, make me happy almost to shed tears each time!Most make me happy of BE, our home lifes also became harmonious normal to get up and met stanza day off, Yang Jun will also accompany me to take a walk street and buy shopping, positive such as I ideal medium marital life.My money in the deposit book returns enough we over three months of"sex blessing" life, this exactly Yang Jun repay loan the date of period expires.Yang Jun's obligation repaid fully, can we also lead a happy life like this?I usually after intense emotion, a time per time asks himself/herself.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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