hairdressing special prescription

The network spreads hairdressing special prescription true or false to recognize
Various as well really as well the hairdressing special prescription of Huan is on the network really popular very for a while, each all say so movingly so the reality can believe, at that time it is difficult to tell the truth from the false of.The persons whom not a few beautiful skin hearts slice were all willingly numerous"small white rat", among them, some people keep shouting penitence, but some surprised pleased then thousand times.In general

1.Keep off black food, its meeting"dying is black" you of the skin is solving:×

Some people are afraid to become black to black food respect but far it, first receive to treat unjustly of is soy sauce.In fact and greatly need not there is worry in uncertainty like this.Skin color of black or white Be decided to the wheat in the body pulls rather dye how much and distribute appearance, didn't relate to with black food.The modern dietetics thinks"black food" not only the nourishment is abundant, and has the aging hairdressing effect of the anti- to show Zhao, is a real hairdressing saint article!

2.Wanting to get rid of orange skin organization will keep off carbonic acid beverage is solving:×

Usually listen to person say, Leisure Dressgetting rid of the orange skin organization has to keep off carbonic acid beverage.The in fact orange skin is what skin descend organize pile up of level gravamen is whole to result in, with carbonic acid beverage without directly relating to.The orange skin organizes a skin to much appear on the office worker and students who often can not sit and lack sport, get rid of this kind of orange skin organization, need to be used some tight to skin with go to a corneous body beauty product, and match with aggressive sport.

3.Department the wood is a good fair product is solving:×

The department wood's live composition is B Mao salicylic acid and all imply salicylic acid, this composition in a lot of fair cosmeticses, so might as well a try.That's right, department the wood really imply B Mao salicylic acid, but it is water to dissolve composition, it it is can hardly for effective composition to pass a callous periostracum, but is absorbed by the skin.Moreover, if dispense a comparison not to, the medicine side effect will bring injury to skin.

4.On the true silk pillowcase Yang's sleeping is the best beauty sleep is solving:√

Theoretically and speech the side sleep or lie prone to sleep easy oppression face, the skin will more easily produce wrinkly plait, Life and careertime one long crease also have no can avoid.The bedding of the true silk can't compress tightly a skin, is more ideal choice.But grow a reason still a skin of the most of crease the gum is original fiber of run off, the influence extremely minute of sleeping posture.If there is no habit that the Yang sleeps at ordinary times, not demand because of afraid long crease but intentionally force oneself.

5.The piles cream can dispel in addition to the eye bag is solving:×

The piles cream once became popular a network hairdressing forum and became to dispel in addition to a big magic weapon of the eye bag.Although the piles cream has to definitely decrease swelling to turn a Yu function,the musk composition containing has very big stimulative, may permeate into a human body through a skin and results in the bad influence on body.Piles cream if carelessly get into an eye, also break cornea, existence health Be concealed to suffer from.So dispels with the piles cream in addition to the eye bag root isn't scientific.

6.Cure a pimple with the toothpaste, the economy is again efficiently solving:×

Unless you at hand in addition to toothpaste what the things all had no, can temporarily cure with it.Of so have a liking for go to effective, is because disinfecting of toothpaste and cool off composition can reduce the unwell feeling of infected part, double oxygen water contained can help to ease a pimple swollen and inflamed, inflammation phenomenon in the toothpaste fair composition, but double oxygen water also has a certain incitement function, may cause a skin very much allergy, on the contrary lose more than gain.The Company
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All time is no time when it is past.

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