should dedicate

And associate feelings of three years of male friend met bottleneck, whether I should dedicate a body in him?
I and it has been three years since my male friend got along with, had been walking till a work post from the university, two of uses' feelings is always very good.He is a good boy, the beginning just associated with me of time said with me that respected my feeling, at making sure can with can't establish relationship with me before I get married, afraid if can not marry I will hurt clean and pure of I, in the reality he also always carefully obey wear promise, a lot of times can obviously feel he again overcome own intense emotion hard, oneself even sometimes runs to the health solution.

But two of uses' feelings seemed to meet bottleneck recently, each other always difficult to express animation with become angry, feel each other of feelings is also thin many, hold the hand and kissed embrace to seem to be all to become a kind of have intention to is it of behavior.A few days ago I unexpectedly camed across the diary that he writes, just discovered that he is such feelings of a delicate person, all of insides are two of uses' feelings careers and also have him to sex of viewpoint, he at in write to sometimes have intention to suppress he, very suffered painful but feel that the sense of responsibility makes him feel to do like this, for a long time suppress also and feel very despair could not see tomorrow.I suddenly feel whether I should dedicate a body in him, he is a good man, will never be that kind of the man who plays with feelings, whether really be like a net to up say of then sex is at the beginning moistenning of feelings to make two of uses' feelings re- found back of felling

If you didn't give° you him, your feelings started to be wrong of words, so, you should want well, because a boy's son really loves you, he will etc., but, he but because can not get your body now, or say that you can not satisfy his desire now, take your management inside so long-term feelings says a matter, really can quietly consider, yes, now your feelings order a problem, you you give he, if next time your feelings again wrong, your body can also work out problem Yao, I think can't, really conduct really not easy so for a long time, but work out a problem to also want reasonableness, BE, you can be medium elder brother's quiet place, thoroughly chat, each other speaks endocentric viewpoint, you love each other, should be frank to each other, I believe, since two people love each other, have no what can not solve of, the lovers falls in love dependents,

If you of the heart idea is very traditional, will can't have been having a psychological stress for him, whole day anxious and fearful, this is the demand circumspect of, when the time comes he like, you had pressure again, or would influence your loves and talked to haven't got married for three years now, definitely existence objective reason, and are the reason that both parties all have scruples about.If you gave he, but reality disallow you together, he also meeting face the choice of righteous, or will influence your future, since you connect to can not stand pre-marital sex, had better make oneself do, in case of have a little mistake afraid you all accept to can not stand.You can discuss with him, isn't a work pressure to greatly cause him to the sexual desire, because this is also the decompression means.Hope earnestly to be inhibitted and then feel fidgety to your loves?Or you don't dedicate a body to don't have sense of security his love to you.You have to make sure he why be eager to the reason for establishing relationship, but not because sorry and ashamed dedicate a body in him.Still have, you can ask to both parties' parent, if they agreed, you can also ease some pressure.Can be appropriate moreover of separate a period of time, from quarrel jump out the dispassion ground love that wants you exactly where trouble, meet again will be calm a lot.Meet a problem and calm down to consider, can not act impetuously.Wish happiness.

The description that pass you, I feel that he is the person who can entrust the whole life.You can associate for three years and live together and return ability the Jie body is like jade and really admire you, boyfriend admire you more, he is a good man, you want to thoroughly treat him, now this kind of society be like his good man like this already not much, true of, although not ability Chien is simple single of pass these aspects to judge a person,be good enough to prove your feelings is clean and pure, he has a very strong responsibility.Love in lack necessary, it can alleviate people's pressure, can promote people's feelings, it isn't complete to have no the love of sex and intense emotion, but, you have to make know his annoyance and apathy really because this, since already together three years, completely can speak the in the mind words to him to listen to, see whether work last pressure or what another annoyance, if really is oneself suppress too long words, you can try to untie your own heart knot, because of suppress too long will healthily result in influence to the person's mind and body.
Wishing your love is smooth and escape from annoyance soon.
by fashiongirl | 2011-03-24 16:03

All time is no time when it is past.

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