people disaffection

West to benefit air attack activity the day consume USD 100000000 to lead people disaffection

On March 21, the Li wave the inside antiair cannon fire of Libyan capital city shoots to the air.21 in several locations in the Li wave of the Libyan capital city encounters bombing, this is the western nation the third day in a row evening adopt a military operation to Libya.

After beating the antiair system of Libya, the western national battleplane maintains a beginning so-called"forbid to fly area".If battleplane in all countries patrols in the Libyan eastern sky, TV BACKGROUNDso the flower sell between USD 3000-100,000,000 every week.If the western nation finally decides and extend"forbid to fly area" to Libyan whole territorieses and anticipate every week expenditure will be about USD 100,000,000-300,000,000.

Spend money"bottomless pit"

Though American solider said, will soon unite conductor department or NATO allied troops commander's headquarters to hand over the Libyan air attack activity conductor power to the method English, other nations perhaps don't wish as well to easily take up.Optional transferAct as a supporting roles ratio to make main force to want easily and get much after all.It is after all regardless England and France still other NATO nations, may face the embarrassed situation of the military expenses serious shortage as well.

The analytical personage points out that the United States is very astonishing for the devotion of air attack Libya.If this code keeps on time for longer than a week for the activity of "Odyssey dawn",History Theme Hotels the Pentagon probably will be forced to apply for more budgets toward the congress very much to make up to"owe debts".In case that the successive air attack still can not make Libya leadered card to tie thin resign on one's own initiative, the circumstances of west nation on the contrary will be more difficult.

Two wars that the American solider launches in this century have been already proven that while hasing no circumstance that the ground troops gets involved, the list depends air stroke to carry out its strategic target.Afghanistan inshore tower benefit although the class falls from power in the American solider's air attack,the influence is still strong and give the new government results in huge threaten, Location styleIraqi former president Saddam once stood as well the American solider is many air attacks"did not pour for 13 years".(The people of the Ren)

Encouraging can fly in the world at a time

After making use of guided missile and launching the first stroke, this report Xun's American solider 20 sunrises move the invisible bomber of the most expensive battleplane of world type B-2 and launch a new stroke to Libya.

The battleplanes B-2s each one costs to USD 700,000,000(a say to USD 400,000,000) and farthest attackstone scope about 10000 kilometers of, on the way's encouraging then can fly in the world at a time.Light and ShadowIts special feature is special shape design and invisible coating make it almost can not be examined by the radar, and can take 8 normal regulationses GBU-37s systems to lead to drill ground to play.It is said that two B-2s that take precision system to lead weapon then can carry out 75 tasks of normal regulations battleplanes, the biggest weapons carry a lotus 2.26 tons.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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