very boring person

Don't know why always think of a lot of things recently, discover oneself really is a very boring person.Feel to live very solitarily, close very much.The friend of the nothing, forever all just a person.Whenever wait for the last QQ to see arrive so many people are on-line, indeed having no person can chat.QQ forever all online, but openings of time didn't pretty muchyet of a.Friend's classmate that sees them ever and most be good friends with indeed don't know to should chat what now.Probably everyone ownly lived, someone leads very someone to also lead not okay.Still have how much still remember ever crazy day together, ever in each other's confidence can talk to the nothing words in nowadays.Feel very helpless, is that you become still do I change?I can only with say like this, you have been having never changed in my heart, or say that our friendships are to can not stand a horary test.......
Graduation also quick four years, want out for these more than three years of work, oneself still a matter hasn't results to show.The work also changed three to divide into and also had among them a little bit successful of, just because the other people's a words and not at insist.If the persistence should lead of ratio now order!I never will say penitence, now also will not just now think of to have a little unfortunately.After all I am to lack money to use very much of person, the person of Taurus is only to make them feel to have a sense of security of should be renminbi!Who know I don't understand myself as well, want to let other people's understanding very difficult?
Burst an asking of fantasy friend, like me how.None of results is too ideal, original is also hardly have fun together at ordinary tiems.Separate of want to gather to be far again still really difficult.Say each time that gather all of results are nobodies, all very the favour want Mo have no money.Most of also chat just in the Q, have already grown a vain feeling, not enough true.We why 80 back of will live so boringly, all for the sake of the life, the pressure is also very big, because we don't have a wealthy old daddy.Have to depend on oneself to put together to fight......
My nothing pursues, the day leads very ordinarily, every day is press the department class.Nothing prospect, the friend says of didn't be annoyed to doing not pursue, but sometimes emotion come of time will move to think the west thinks, think 1 heap has of have no.Daydream finish doing, a face the realities still oneself!
Feelings this aspect, always all rather go without than accept inferior.The love road that once walked to fail very much at a time, should be feelings this time.Thoroughly changed me to the love standpoint, the friends all didn't to the boyfriend say before that wanting is too good.They don't know to cherish, your also can't see very much.Didn't understand the real meaning of this sentence before, had already finally deeply realized now.No matter you have already loved him more good, don't enchant in fan fog of feelings.Ha ha think cachinnation so much, why know to say like this now?Oneself at walk the time of that road don't think like this?Finished walking just to there is a fart using in my useless talk, already a lot of holes, fill with still really difficult!
Whenever the time thought of the tearses all beat to turn in the eye, have to force?Oneself goes toward tears to return to Yan.
Now think of don't blame him as well, hate him?After more than a years of baptism, that hates to slowly eliminate thin, time is indeed as expected the good medicine of treatment.Very oddness be they hear we divide into of time, they all say like this:Or he?Just divide into now?I in the beginning not was optimistic about, also thought BE....Why say I so spend heart, the heart is suffered!I think that they don't understand, Be with him.The friends has no how many approve of, I is just as since go toward of heel?Own feeling walks.Persist very much, get hurt on the whole.They see of also only have me of smiling face!Not think that the other people have mercy on me, also not need to be sympathetic toward.Is that that is very obstinate?Of I, very stubborn of I!
Start to chat segment feelings now, although still keep deploring greatly, or will want to weep aloud, but my proud tell me to can not be sheding tears, try very hard to of listen to song, try very hard to of read novel.Vent a way very oddly.They will call me to start a new romance, my answer hasn't come out, not started to be new.Will not take other people treatment, don't want to let other people down as well.Do they ask me and still keep lying a bosom very much?Is still very big to your influence?Yes, originally not easily confiding I, more difficult believe now.The heart leaves one very big shadow, the person who is full of sunlight again very difficult run into for me.Otherwise he can illuminate that shadow, I will also live!!!
Did I have been standing to wait for at first?That person's appearance, you once promised I say my happy you will be responsible for of, since you can not carry out a promise however.Can not give I, I only have been waiting for that to appear for my happy person!!!!!

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by fashiongirl | 2011-03-14 12:41

All time is no time when it is past.

by fashiongirl





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