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The baby recruits the breeze ear special prescription useless 5-6-year-old surgical operation the featest
Recruit a breeze ear always in the ancient fortune telling, face reading book of greatly hate:"Two ears forward and take the air, break to the utmost property in the house and ancestor, the youth lives a good life middle age to hurt, the end year old is destitute to guard Gu poor."Therefore, a lot of parents still keep thinking the way save, even if a lot of kids grow to the huge ear and seem to be special amiability, they find out of the soil have a lot of ways:If take plastic cloth and stick ear, sleeping press the etc. to the ear.

The medium mountain university memorial hospital orthopedic surgery Shu Juan Doctor of Pan of Sun Yat-sen says that various in fact civil soil ways, the effect is all not definitely accurate.

So-called the ear recruiting breeze be again a breeze ear, flat even ear, is a kind of familiar congenital abnormal, Be seen to double more a side.Express for the ear Kuo obvious anteversion, the Lu ear Cape(the angle of the ear Kuo behind and skull on the side) enlarges.Concrete go to the appearance of ear Kuo to up then express for ear A to obviously become big, disappear to the ear round.

This kind of abnormal have no influence towards listenning to dint, don't influence external ear growth as well, but very outstanding in the face, influence beauty, the pointing out of others will make the kid result in with derision very big mental influence, therefore need to be corrected through a plastic surgery.

Recruiting the best time of surgical operation of breeze ear is 5-6 years old

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that the external ear of general 5-year-old posterity namely develop completely, therefore majority of patients can at 5 years old after do surgical operations.Time of the surgical operation suffers from the pressure of son acceptance more and early more small, the mental state develops more uninfluenced.Generally speaking the most suitable should carry on recruit the breeze ear corrects of time is 5-6 years old.

The surgical operation can close to two sides outstanding ears toward the skull and make abnormal ear the Kuo recover natural appearance.The surgical operation isn't complicated, the doctor passes to carry on correcting to the skin and the cartilage, mutually to sew up ear cartilage formation tube form, remould to the appearance of ear round.The age youngly still doesn't know that the kid of match needs to carry on general anaesthesia, the adult then can adopt local anesthesia.Usually the surgical operation takes around 2 hourses.After operation the ear behind will leave a line-like in shape scar formation, but along with horary of change it will downplay faintness gradually.

Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that the person, who has, only simultaneously recruits a breeze ear, but even if only an ear recruits breeze, also often demand double side in the meantime surgical operation with make two ears attained balance symmetry.

The nasty and chronic middle-ear infection needs to postpone surgical operation

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan says that get the treatment that the nasty and chronic middle-ear infection wants to carry on a middle-ear infection first, need a condition to alleviate, burning disease cancellation behind then can develop surgical operation, but has the crowd that the scar formation increases to living physical endowment then should not carry on surgical operation.

The complications that the surgical operation a little bit often appears is a pair of sides ear Kuo dissymmetry, to ear round appearance sharp-edged not enough tactful wait.The still having minority of patients will appear to relapse, usually was seen to don't cut open a cartilage, this was because the cartilage elasticity time shrinks dint to lead greatly and tore suture to take off to.Still having moreover minority of patients may also appear wound, and cartilage infection...etc. may, prevention counterplan for round a surgical operation period to strengthen an anti- infection treatment.

The Shu avoids eating seafood behind

The Shu Juan Doctor of Pan reminds that recruit a breeze ear orthopedics and mow a pair of eyelids and swell up of nose similar, is a small surgical operation.The general normal regulations applies for antibiotic 3-5 days and then opens a dressing to remove stitches for around 10 dayses after the Shu.But should avoid eating stimulating food such as:Ginger, living a spring onion and living garlic, hot pepper, and seafood...etc..Internal help after recruiting the breeze ear orthopedics Shu will avoid oppression and bump a shot ear department in the near future, the in order to prevent internal suture splits.
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