Japan declares

Japan declares in advance be over South Pole drogue

On February 4, Japanese whaler ship and animal protect organization to conflict.

The Japanese agriculture and forestry marine products big way Yan in minister Lu-yeh declares on the 18th that Japanese whaler ship in advance be over at South Pole drogue in the waters, the reason is organized by environmental protection obstruction, need to guarantee seaman a safety.

The animal protects the organization"the ocean guardant's association" to initiate a person to protect Luo ·fertile Sen tell a media reporter, the day square raises Cuo to be regarded as "the victory of whale".

Wen Zhou's 800,000,000,000 dollars capital puts aside not a few business enterprises leave a manufacturing industry to pursue sudden wealth hot money flowed into USD 35,500,000,000 last year

Many organizations expect to will raise savings reserve in the near future, the rate is spread a whole country to cause the business enterprise panic(diagram) Department of Agriculture denial leather milk cold ashes burn again sail female artesian well with the work Huang into south china sea develop oil spirit Japan because of is repeatedly contained by environmental protection organization to pause drogue Yang Le Yu:Don't hope version limit in the city to buy to make to decline building price the square be called guarantee seaman for day safety

The agriculture and forestry marine products big way Yan in minister Lu-yeh says on a news conference on the 18th:"In order to guarantee boats and ships and seaman safety, we have to decide to end research drogue an activity."

Day square drogue tall ship last year December 2 start on journey to go to South Pole a waters, original 3 beginning of the months "stop work for the day" this year at the earliest stage.

Lu-yeh says on the 18th that the Japanese whaler ship will return to country as soon as possible, but have never handed over to need concrete agenda.

According to his parlance, the day square original plan succeeds in catching 850 whales in this drogue quarter, but completes 1/5 up to the present.

When is asked and day whether square intends to develop a drogue activity on schedule in the next drogue quarter, Lu-yeh answers, "we will investigate, then do judgment".

Protecting the organization will go together with more a forerunner to equip

For the past several weeks, the anti- day of dynasty of personage of drogue square whaler ship threw have the bottle that deliver the smelly butter, even tried let a cordage tied up on the propeller of whaler ship, cause the whaler ship drove speed slow down.

On the 18th, still keep watch on ocean the association of guardant of whaler ship activity to initiate person's fertile Sen to tell Japan the common agency reporter through the satellite telephone on board in "Steve · text in Europe" number anti- drogue, Japan ends in advance at South Pole the drogue activity of waters is "the victory of whale".

"We probably have been following them, until equator neighborhood with ensure that they return to country" fertile Sen says that they will have been tailgating Japanese whaler ship, until the whaler ship really returns to Japan, .

He also says that"have the ability arrestment the drogue activity" of the ocean guardant's association, "they not and voluntarily pauses drogue, is that we force they do so.We hinder them to load "day new pill" number drogue the whale catching on board, they have no choice".

The ocean guardant's association warns, this animal protects organization will with"more advanced material" should to the now of the day empress of drogue activity, "we will provide with 4 anti- whaler ships next year, the fourth will sooner, stronger".

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