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12 grams of following gold jewelries pure degree is probably"unworthy of name"

While purchasing a gold jewelry article, the pure degree is certainly that the most important consideration is standard, but do you know, while purchasing a small piece of less than 12 grams gold jewelry article, the pure degree of gold jewelry probably combine rather mark of so.

The gold jewelry article needs to adopt to weld a craft while creating into various shape, therefore exists Han to order in parts of jewelries is have to with normal, but these Hans' ordering composition isn't a pure gold.Stipulate according to the national standard, the Han orders part of of the pure degree don't need to be printing to record or take into to mark in the label.

"Say for the gold jewelry of big piece, these Hans order of the weight is in the whole weight is can neglect don't account, this doesn't influence the pure degree of big piece gold jewelry article, but for the gold jewelry article of small piece, especially 12 grams of following shapes and then more complicated gold jewelry, the Han orders of weight the possibility will have a certain comparison in the total weight, reckon the pure degree of gold jewelry like this and then will lower."

Although this"unworthy of name" circumstance isn't a store to have intention to shuffle out, consumer at purchase a small piece gold jewelry article still need to notice this problem.

We have a bunch of new photos on our computer screen saver and it made me realize how much jewelry I've made this year! I think everyone should do it. It's totally inspiring. Pick some jewelry pictures that inspire you, load them up and get those creative juices flowing.

When I get tired of these pix, I'm thinking about replacing them with other images that will inspire creativity, like collections of different beads and jewelry making materials. The screen saver is kind of a passive creativity journal because all you do is snap pix and then watch them float by.

This necklace started life with a different pendant but it never felt quite right. Now that I've added the Katiedids™ Creative Component pendant, I think it's going to stay this way. I love the blues, of course.

The lowdown: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Pacific opal and indicolite crystals mixed with Amazonite rondelles, mother of pearl shell loop beads, white freshwater pearls, silver spacers and a vintage faux pearl button in the center of the pendant.

It undoubtedly are the consumer's most purchase jewelry products at the public the jewelry consumption market, gold decoration and diamond currently.For purchase these two kinds of products, believe that not a few consumers are also experienced.But in addition to some common senses, also need to be noticed specially which aspects?Is 15 arrival moments at 3 ·, the reporter covered jewelry jade association in province, Secretary-general king was a bead, let he to tell everyone some problems that are often neglected by us.
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