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Transact the existent problem in the furniture development

China transacts furniture profession, opens to soon develop for flying of more than 20 yearses after reform and regardless is a business enterprise amount and all presents several decuples, several growths from the industry a number still a production value and the efficiencies.The reason includes 2:On the other hand, because of transacting getting into of furniture profession the threshold is lower and belong to the profession of the labor intensive type;On the other hand, because of open extension and information technical development of degree, go together the exchanges(especially with of Europe and America, Taiwanese etc. nation and region) of of industry to increase, hairs sheddingthe information dissemination is quick.

But several near in the last yearses, our country transact furniture profession the market appear to consume mature, competition vehemence, the product turn with quality, the space decrease, economic efficiency obviously descend an etc. circumstance, the concrete problem is induced as follows:

It's widespreadly lowly to design ability
Spread such a parlance inside the industry, at declare Guangdong of"furniture greatly province", there are about 10,000 every families having a business enterprise, but owning the designer of professionally trained person but unexpectedly not enough 1000 people.In other words, each time 10 every families have a business enterprise only have a designer.But the abroad is some popular transact a furniture of business enterprise, Plate Heat Exchangeronly at the designer of China not next 20 people.

"Do not value a design, once getting into a market competition, can depend a copy, this is the irregularity that the local furniture industry widespreadly exists currently."In the province furniture association Deputy Secretary-general Zhang Cheng Zhi in Guangdong's eyes, this kind of is nearsighted is also result in many business enterprises that transact a furniture doing not great reason.Among them, document, receive can be up and down or so on the screen at will glide, sitting the chair can press the angle and strength etc. of the sitting posture appearance adjustment anteversion, perpendicularity and empress Yang, these detail exactly is mainland transact what furniture brand neglects.

Certainly, some native brands with strong real strenght realized this and made every effort to create his/her own strong item in the special feature.If the steel quality that shake Dan article, beautiful of screen and chair, in the industry all is can the turn can order.It is thus clear that product design for transact furniture profession to say is to interior designthe pass is important.

The marketing strategy is still thick to put
"Currently domestic mainland's transacting the most outstanding problem in furniture brand is the marketing strategy that lacks science."This is the consensus in the industry.Compared with the popular nations, because the whole management level is still lower(BE known as the majority of the small household business enterprise), the scale is small, many business enterprises didn't value up to now and make use of a modern market marketing management, lack the market of system competition strategy and management means, there are majority of business enterprises even adopting more single competition skill.It causes a kind of low level competition's appearing as a result, but more extensive haven't arrived with deep competition.

Transact a furniture to have no brand, highest city business enterprise
Is a furniture to greatly save, Guangdong flowed out now the medium mountain of "the Chinese black wood furniture produces a professional town" greatly flows out, following of big Ling mountain, "Office Furniture DeskChinese furniture manufacturing key figure, Chinese furniture material it all" in Dongguan of"Chinese furniture export first town" virtuous Long Jiang.But at occupy a furniture market 1|3 of transact furniture realm,still lack 1 to call ring of brand.Well-knownly transact a furniture manufacturing with world, the business enterprise compares, our country of transact what furniture profession presents is miscellaneous(the brand is numerous), disorderly(market competition have no preface), spread(the local area characteristic is obvious) etc. characteristic.There is very few real strenght brand, can walk to the business enterprise becoming available in the market is also a rare as morning stars.There is"earthquake Dan furniture" in Taiwan, there is"China smooth Li to" in Hong Kong, but in the hinterland didn't°yet 1 become available in the market to transact a furniture business enterprise.

modular units can be purchased for home study and office too. Select colors that complement the other furniture in your home.So, if you are looking for furniture for commercial office or home, buy the best quality that is affordable can look bulky furniture restoration home for a modern, modular design. Why not a proposal and budget for such expenses. In this way, they can be mobile and want peace of mind that you can afford the owners a modular furniture it.Business the company's growth into account, especially as regards the acquisition of inversion available.

There are units available that allow the purchase of modular units reconfigurations.Avoid non-certified distributors office and speak to a counselor or person selling furniture and modularize the type purchase.Quality decision is readily available from suppliers Obros manufacturers of office furniture and solemn.
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All time is no time when it is past.

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