Host doing manual labour

Host doing manual labour
One day, the philosopher led all disciples to walk on the downtown streets, the whole downtown streets were bustling with vehicles, peddling the sound can be heard without end, a glorious scene.

After going out of part of the way, the philosopher asks the disciple: "Among the retailers that saw just now, which one wear happy color? " A disciple answers: "I pass four that fish, the people who buy the fish are numerous, the owner has more visitors or business than one can attend to, the face has been permeated with the smile all the time. " The disciple's words have not been finished yet, the philosopher shakes the head, say: "Heart although happiness of desire for gain, can be lasting. "

The philosopher leads all disciples to continue it forward, in the front is a block of farm houses, the chicken rings the mulberry tree, the dog calls the deep lane, the person in twos and threes shuttles back and forth busily. The philosopher sends all disciples and scatters in all directions and leaves. After after a while, the philosopher asks the disciple again: "Among the villagers that saw just now, which one seem more substantial? "

A disciple has the first step, answer: "There is a villager with black face in the east of the village, the family is raising chiken's and duck's oxen and horses, there is ground of several 0.667 hectares on the slope, he finish thing of family, reach slope wait upon, get field again, one either unoccupied in quarter, streaming with sweat all the time, this villager should be substantial. " The philosopher hesitates for a moment slightly, say: "Come from a trifling one substantial, want, lose when being trifling after all finally, no most substantial. "

A group traveling together continue it forward, in the front is a hillside, on the slope is the flocks of sheep like the cloud. On a huge stone, one sits to describe the withered old person, have a whip in arms, overlooking to the distant place. The philosopher stopped the step of all disciples immediately, said: "This old person visits the eye gives free rein to thoughts and feelings, it is a host of the life. " All disciples see eye to eye, think, an old man putting sheep out to pasture, it is too lonely to depend on perhaps, there is not the basic necessities of life, how could be the host of the life? The philosopher has seen the puzzled disciple, bright sound channel: "Can not you think his soul is taking a walk happily? " RELATED LINKS:
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All time is no time when it is past.

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